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We are nerds, bamboo nerds. Ever since we have bought our first bamboo toothbrushes way back in 2016, we could not stop thinking about bamboo-made products and how they can positively transform our relationship with mother earth

What we did find though was that there wasn’t enough information on the vast array of bamboo products as alternatives to plastic and other materials.

We have all seen the gruelling images of plastic straws and turtles and layers of plastic in the ocean. To put an end to environmental pollution and harmful plastics, we have decided to embark on a bamboo revolution.

That is why we have decided to create BambuRevolution as platform dedicated to you! We spend hours upon hours researching and testing bamboo products and have the ambition of building the world’s largest repository of bamboo product reviews.

With your help we can make a difference. Join us on the bamboo revolution and help us create a more sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle and planet.