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Bamboo vs Plastic
And why you should buy bamboo.

The Problem of Plastic

Plastic is everywhere, whether we like it or not. The bags we use when shopping are made of plastic. The bottles we drink from are made of plastic. And the straws we get served in restaurants are made of plastic as well. But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Plastic is everywhere, and it doesn’t go away
Plastic is filling up landfills all over the world, but it never leaves them because it’s non-biodegradable. What that means in layman terms is that the different elements that plastic is made of can’t be broken down by bacteria. That way the plastic just either stays the way it is, or it may actually take decades for it to degrade
Plastic waste continues growing

Here are some facts on how much plastic we produce each year:

  • 300 millions tons of plastic are products each year
  • 50% is single-use plastic
  • 8 millions tons end up in our oceans
  • 1 in 3 marine animals was found entangled in plastic
  • Over 90% of seabirds have plastic in their stomachs
These facts proof that we have a serious plastic problem. 
But what can we do? And what alternatives are there?

It’s because of that that we have founded BambuRevolution with the aim of trying to raise awareness around solutions to plastic waste. 

Here a quick overview of what’s so good about bamboo-made products:

Bamboo grows fast

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant which can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to other trees which can take 20+ years to grow. 

Deforestation and its environmental impact have been in the news for years, yet almost 18 million acres (roughly the size of Panama) are lost each year. Put that into perspective and you understand how bamboo’s fast growth can help us sustain our forests.

Bamboo reduces waste

After harvesting, every part of the plant can be used to produce a variety of products, whether it is straws, chopsticks, sunglasses or even toilet paper! 

Thanks to bamboo fibres which are stronger than those of wood, we have a resource which can withstand changing environmental conditions and provide a long-term wood and plastic alternative.

On top of that, no fertilizers or pesticides are needed due to bamboo’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature.

Bamboo is bio-degradable

Bamboo products that haven’t been chemically processed can be recycled as well as composted in gardens. Is it also 100% biodegradable and will, after time, disappear into nature just like it appear. That way bamboo products reduce our overall waste and garbage footprint.

Bamboo and climate change

Compared to trees, bamboo releases over 30% more oxygen back into the air which makes it an excellent source for producing clean and fresh oxygen.

Now if this has somehow inspired or intrigued your interests, but you’re not sure yet what products even exist out there, feel free to check out curated collection of products from Amazon.