Bamboo Straws

Natural - Reusable - Biodegradable

Natural Bamboo Straws - The Plastic Straw Alternative

We love bamboo straws! Not only do they look great, but these natural straws are also 100% biodegradable and sustainable. Bamboo grows to its full size within 3-5 years and releases 30% more oxygen back into the atmosphere than other plants. That makes them one of the best alternatives to plastic straws and gives us the fresh air we need.


Bamboo Straws are entirely biodegradable and don’t pollute our environment. They are made of a natural material without the need for fertilisers and offer a great alternative to plastic, steel and other less natural materials.


You can use bamboo straws for however long you want. They are resistant, durable and easy to clean. If you dislike the idea of plastic straws which are thrown away after each single time of use, then bamboo is for you.


Unlike trees and other plants, bamboo does not need pesticides to be protect its health. Because of some naturally occurring antimicrobial agents bamboo not only grows protected, but the straws themselves are natural antibacterial and hygienic.