Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags 2020

What do you do after getting home from a long day at work? Jump into bed? Most likely you’ll head to the shower. Yes, you take a shower and after that you relax. But what if you don’t like the smell in your home?

Air fresheners can come to the rescue, but the fragrance only lasts for a very short time.  For a longer lasting solution, you can switch to bamboo activated charcoal air purifying bags.

Charcoal has become popular in recent times. It has an astronomic amount of pros.

It’s extremely eco-friendly and have ample possibilities for usage. Charcoal is even used in the cosmetic sector as well.

Bamboo charcoal is famous for its wonders in omitting the emission of bad odor and moisture. You can check out the top 8 bamboo charcoal air purifying bags we have handpicked only for you from Amazon! Check them out-

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The 8 Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifyer

Marsheepy 2020 Upgraded Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Hey, does your room smell?

We have something to take care of that. You can place these bamboo charcoal purifying bags anywhere in your room to get rid of that uncomfortable smell you’ve been getting lately.

It comes with an extremely reasonable price. This pack comes with six bags, each bag weighing 200g. Meaning they’re compact and lightweight. Place them now wherever a bad odor comes from.

These bags will be perfect if you have family members with any sort of health complications. Who does not love to go the extra mile for loved ones? If you and your wife are expecting, then don’t forget to add this set of natural air purifying bags.

The bags are made of natural elements. Activated charcoal will alleviate the germs in the air of your room, keeping you and your family safe.

You will find the mesh design fancy. The reason why it is designed that way is to ensure breathable reciprocation. This design makes the reciprocal system ten times faster than the regular air purifying bags. That’s great, right? Now you can expect faster outcomes than ever before.

But how long will these last? We got this covered as well. Marsheepy plans to make sure that every penny you spend counts. For this, the pack will sustain a very long time. Any guesses? Not just one but TWO years! These bamboo charcoal purifying bags can be reused and recycled as well.

Did you know that you can recharge these air purifying bags? No, not with cables and stuff. Keep reading!

Dry them in sunlight once a month or more frequently. Keep them there for at least two hours. Recharge them for longer use. This is basically how you’ll recharge activated charcoal inside the mesh bags.

Say goodbye to bad odor with Marsheepy!

MOSO NATURAL: The Original Air Purifying Bag

Are you looking for something to get rid of that smelly odor you have been getting lately? For your pet corner, perhaps the laundry room, or maybe for your massive studio. Check these Moso air purifying bags!

The pack comes with 3 air purifying bags. Each bag weighs 300g. Compared to the weight, the price won’t cost you a fortune, thankfully!

If you are struggling with terrible odor in the air, you are on the right track! These natural air purifying bags are made of natural elements. If you are allergic to chemicals, then good news for you. These bags contain no added chemicals.

Are you struggling with the strong air freshener fragrances? But you still need to get rid of bad odor ASAP? Bring these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags home today! They will erase the bad odor in no time, without leaving any sort of strong fragrance. 

Were you having problems with bad odor from bigger rooms? We got that covered too. Place these air purifying bags in the big rooms or at outdoor spaces such as a garage or car etc. The activated carbon will retain the moisture in addition to the bad odor. Place all of them in a single room if it contains a large area.

In terms of designing, you can crown Moso Natural for being a pro. The air purifying bags can be hung anywhere around the room. Additionally, these can be set on a flat surface as well. So choose wherever and however you want to place them.

Here is another interesting thing to mention. If you are confused between the air purifying bags suggested in this article, then take this under consideration. These bags cover 90 square feet each. So keep the number in mind while placing them in bigger rooms.

You can reuse them as well. How does that make you feel now? The key is: get these into sunlight. Let them soak. The charcoal will be activated again and do the job right!

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags by VAGAU

Are you craving fresh air at home? Then give this premium pack from Vagau a thorough read!

Vagau brings you an amazing pack to make your life easier. If you’re going through a bad odor crisis, then these air purifying bags will be absolutely helpful. The bags include 100% natural ingredients. Now you don’t have to worry whether you are harming the environment worse or not. Moreover, you are cleansing the air.

The value pack comes with 8 packs of air purifying bags. Each bag weighs 200g.

Sometimes your room can be a little too smelly. To save yourself from awkward encounters with guests, consider getting these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags today! These will simply deodorize all the bad odor room in your room. They actively soak the moisture in your room as well. So, it’s a win!

Are you tired of sweat smell in the gym bag, or inside your socks? Then the compact design of these air purifying bags will be extremely generous. You can place them inside the mentioned products, and the job will be done. Start the next day afresh!

Home isn’t really home without kids and pets. When you have such cuties at home, you are always super picky about bringing new products in. Good news! Our home brand Vagau understands this. Vagau ensures 100% safe bamboo charcoal air purifying bags. These will not bring any accidents uncalled for.

Whenever you purchase a new product, you do some research. You do that to be sure that your hard-earned money will not get wasted. We understand this, and so does Vagau. They designed these air purifying bags for reuse.

In addition, you will be able to use these for at least 2 years continuously. The trick is to let these air purifying bags get some sunlight. This will recharge the ingredients of the air purifying bags. Then it will give you service just like day one!

Charcoal Air Purifying Bag by Next Level Living

Are you a gym freak? If you are, then everything you use at the gym must have a pungent smell. That can be extremely obnoxious if you hit the gym before heading for work. Or vice versa because who likes sweaty smells?

These air purifying bags come in two pairs and are extremely pocket friendly.

To resolve this issue, Next Level Living will actually take you to the next level! Get it? Pun aside, these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are specially designed for such inconveniences. So, you are not the only one struggling with sweat smell or bad odor.

These air purifying bags are tiny and will easily fit into your gym bag. If you want them inside your socks, then Next Level living got that covered as well. You can now get rid of the sweat smell or any sort of bad odor emitting from your shoes or gym bag very fast! Next time carry your gym bag out with confidence rather than getting embarrassed!

Are you conscious of the environment? Then you can consider getting your hands on these charcoal air purifying bags. These are absolutely chemical-free. In addition, if you face problems with strong fragrances, then you should definitely consider purchasing these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags.

If you’re wondering about the timeline of these products, then Next Level Living assures you, longevity. You can easily have them function well for you for the next 2 years.

Are you tired of sweaty shoes? You can’t stop sweating just because you hate the odor. What you can do is, get rid of the bad odor. To alleviate any sort of bad odor, you can get something that purifies the air.

This pack includes 4 air purifying bags. The best alternate of air purifiers or air fresheners is bamboo charcoal air purifying bags. You can place these little gems inside your closet, anywhere around your room. Voila! No more bad odor or sweat smell around the corner.

Moving forward, these charcoal bags are specially designed to fit into smaller areas. These would be a fantastic addition for shoes, bags, closets, and gym bags. One surprising fact is, they can fit into kids’ shoes as well! Now no more smelly feet.

The mesh design makes the bags more breathable and lets the reciprocal system intact. It helps the bags to absorb moisture and bad odor faster than regular air purifiers.

Qendon Bamboo Air Purifying Bag

Are you tired of buying air fresheners on and on? Then you should consider getting your hands on something more lasting. Ever thought of getting a replacement? Get your hand on bamboo charcoal air purifying bags.

The pack comes with 6 bags in total; 4 bags weigh 200g, and the rest 2 weigh 100g.

The activated charcoal will help you alleviate the musty smell you have been trying to red rid of over the years. They instantaneously absorb the bad odor and moisture in any room. In addition, they can simultaneously work on gym bags, cars, and shoes. Place them wherever the bad odor comes from.

The compact design would make the placement convenient. You will not struggle to place them inside shoes or anywhere around the house.

Qendon promises you long term usability. You can use these air purifying bags for up to 2 years just by following some easy steps. The steps include putting them under the sun. There will be an instruction booklet included to help you out.

wyewye Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Don’t you just love it when brands keep your problems into consideration? Here is what Wyewye did-

They launched these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags in different sizes. The pack comes with 9 bags and different sizes. Some of the bags contain 1.5 kg of charcoal. This makes them more absorbent than the regular ones found in the market. You can definitely vouch for these air purifying bags for heavy use.

From big rooms to small-sized shoes, wyewye covers all your demands. Place them wherever you think the bad odor is emitting from.

These are made of natural products. So, you don’t need to expect any sort of non-environment-friendly occasions.

bamboo charcoal bags

We have a tie between our first and second. But the price always wins!

These charcoal bags come with 9 air purifying bags and are comparatively cheaper.

The charcoal in the bags will surely absorb the bad odor from your room, closet, car, gym bag, and shoes. These bags are for multi-purpose use. You can easily place them anywhere. Be it a hook or any type of surface. The classic design lets the activated charcoal absorb the musty odor faster than regular air purifying bags.

Don’t forget to grab your hands in these gems!

What To Look For When Buying

Before you buy a new product, you need to research very well! We are here to make sure you can find all the necessary information in one place. Save time and read further!


Check the amount of time you will be able to use these products. Most of the products promise you at least 1-year durability. It’s better to look for the ones available for more than 2 years. Also, check if you can recharge them or not.


You don’t want all the bags for a flat surface. It’s better if they have hooks. That way, you can place them ANYWHERE!


Compare the amount of bags you will be getting for the amount you will be spending on them. Make every penny count.

How To Make (Homemade) Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags?

Make bamboo charcoal

Gather dry bamboos. Then set them on fire. Let them burn for  2 to 4 hours. Later gather the pieces which will become charcoal.

Activate charcoal

Make a mixture of one cup of calcium chloride and four cups of water. Mix them well and put the charcoal into the mixture. After mixing it well, strain the mixture with a clean cloth. Put the mixture under the sun for 48 hours. You can bake it in the oven for 4 hours at 215 degrees heat. Cool it down.


Once it cools down, store it inside flexible bags for further use. For best results, use silicon bags.


Activated charcoal is a natural product. The bags are made of natural ingredients too!

If you compare the price of air fresheners or air purifiers and their timeline of usage, you will clearly know the answer. In comparison, these are extremely budget-friendly.

To get the best results, place them in the sunlight for 2-3 hours max. This will recharge them, and then they will be good to go!

Final Thoughts

Having a bad odor is definitely a bummer! Be it coming from your body, room, or car per se. This will put you through some awkward encounters with people around you. Do you really want that? Bad odor isn’t good for your health either.

So, make sure you don’t have to bear with such inconveniences anymore. Get yourself, family, and friends, these natural bamboo charcoal air purifying bags today!


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