Best Bamboo Iphone Cases in 2021

Do you like things that look natural? Then you will love these bamboo phone cases. The best bamboo phone cases come in multiple styles and sizes, and all of them are very sturdy. However, not all of them are made for all smartphone models.

That is why we will be reviewing the top 11 best bamboo phone cases that you can buy in 2020. The reviewed accessories might have different designs, but you might find multiple cases of the same design. We have included them for their suitability to different phone models.

Some of the bamboo cases are not necessarily made of bamboo or are only partly made of of it, but do not le that deter you.

To provide you the feel of using a bamboo case without harming your smartphone, these cases are mostly made of polycarbonate, plastic, and a layer of wood on the top with a bamboo finish. Furthermore, you will find some with various designs on them.

So, without further ado, let us jump right into the review and take a look at the best bamboo phone cases of 2020

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Top 11 Best Bamboo iPhone Cases

iATO Iphone Bamboo Case

This product from iATO is definitely the best bamboo phone case you can find in 2020. This phone case is available in a total of twenty-five designs. Other than the bamboo finish, you can choose from variations like rosewood, walnut, and dark wood finish.

The rim leather of this phone case can be customized as well. You can choose from multiple variations such as red lizard leather pattern or classic leather. This phone case is truly versatile when it comes to the outlook.

The phone case is designed to fit iPhone X, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The design of the case is magnificent and very convenient. The sides are made of polycarbonate PC/TPU, and the top is a wood overlay. The overlay depends on the finish you choose, so do the sides. The case also allows wireless charging so that you can charge your iPhone 11 without any hitch.

The polycarbonate material at the sides provides a shockproof bumper. As a result, your phone will stay safe from occasional bumps, drops, stains, scratches, as well as dust. The wood overlay is FSC certified. If you’re concerned about nature, this certification assures that the wood is taken from a forest that is well resourced. iATO also states that they plant two trees for every other tree they takedown.

The iATO bamboo phone case has a sleek and minimalistic style. If you are a fan of simplicity, this case is perfect for you.


  •   Fully customizable
  •   Strong protection against drops and scratches
  •   Dust-proof
  •   Allows wireless charging


  •   The edge is a bit sharp
Woodcessories Iphone Case

This product is from Woodcessories, and it provides great protection. The EcoCase is a premium phone case made of high-quality materials. These cases are hand-made by the craftsmen of Woodcessories, and each case speaks of superb quality.

The cases are made in such a way that they provide raised lips. The lip covers the gap generally created between the edge of the screen and the sides. This keeps the smartphone clean by blocking dust effectively. As a result, you will not have to clean your phone regularly.

These cases are made of high-quality bamboo, cherry wood, or walnut, depending on the finish you choose. This case is designed to fit from iPhone 5 to iPhone Xs. The case has PU leather sides and will keep your phone safe from shocks and scratches.

The wood overlay is very sturdy as well. The wood overlay on the top is very thick. As a result, the camera is left with ample space, which makes it very safe from sudden drops. Although the wood is pretty thick, this case allows wireless charging.


  •   Fits from iPhone 5 to iPhone Xs
  •   Thick and sturdy wooden overlay
  •   Strong silicone frame
  •   Allows wireless charging


  •   The material is a bit slippery

This product is from iProductsUS, and it is designed especially for iPhone X and Xs. The case has a unique design. The case has a black bamboo cover with the picture of the Virgin Mary etched onto it. The etching is yellow, and it contrasts well with the black background.

The case provides superb protection. It will protect your smartphone from shocks, drops, stains, scratches, and dust as well. The case is tested to protect your phone even if it drops from a height of eight feet.

Unlike many other cases, this one has a real bamboo case. The high-quality wood provides a very hard and sturdy case. The interior has rubber paddings that provide great protection against bumps.

Another amazing thing is that you will be getting a tempered glass along with the back cover. The glass is very sturdy, and it will protect your phone screen from scratches and drops.


  •   Unique design
  •   Sturdy case
  •   Made of real bamboo and rubber padding
  •   Comes with a tempered glass protection


  •   Doesn’t support wireless charging much

Another product from iATO, but unlike the last product, this one is designed for iPhone XR. The product comes with fifteen different designs. You will find designs of various objects on bamboo and black bamboo background.

These phone cases look unique and are made of high-quality material, as well. The top is made of A-grade real bamboo while the sides are made of rubber, allowing superb protection against shocks and bumps. Even if you drop your phone from a height of eight meters, it will remain unharmed.

Furthermore, these cases come with a steel framework that makes sure that the cases maintain shape. Plus, the steel frames allow the user to hang the phone to walls or other surfaces using magnetic mounts.

The case also comes with a 9H screen protector. It is a high-quality protector that will keep your screen free of scratches and cracks even if they fall.


  •   Military-grade protection
  •   Made of real bamboo, rubber pads, and steel frames
  •   Provides additional tempered glass
  •   Comes in multiple unique designs


  •   Is not suitable for wireless charging
iATO iPhone XR Bamboo Case

The next product is yet another iATO phone case. However, these cases are suitable for iPhone Xs and X, iPhone XR, Xs Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

If you’re into minimalistic designs, this is the case just for you. It comes with similar properties as the previous iATO case, the only difference being that it’s for different models. The case is made of a high-quality wooden top that comes with a bamboo finish. However, if you want, you can pick other finishes such as cherry wood, walnut, dark wood, etc.

The sides are made of polycarbonate/ TPU that provides great resistance against bumps and shocks. No matter what, this case will keep your phone safe from scratches and dents. The case also allows great room for wireless charging.


  •   Made of high-quality, durable materials
  •   Available in multiple finishes
  •   Great for wireless charging


  • The top is kind of slippery

One more product from iATO! And this one is designed for iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. However, unlike the previous products from this manufacturer, this one doesn’t come in tons of variations. It still has four different finishes that you can choose from.

These cases are made of high-quality polycarbonate and wood. As the exterior is made of wood, your phone will remain safe from any external damage such as drops, bumps, scratches, and stains. However, as the interior is made of polycarbonate, your phone will not get scratched or dented every time you put on the case.

If you’re an iPhone 8 Plus user, you’ll be able to use wireless charging with this case. This case doesn’t have any steel frame that inhibits the wireless charging technology, so you’re good to go there.


  •   Made for iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus
  •   Comes with a simplistic design
  •   Allows wireless charging
  •   Sturdy, strong phone case


  •   The openings might need some modifications
Freemason Bamboo iPhone 11 Case

This a case from iMaketheCase, and like every other product from this manufacturer, these too are very creative. This particular case features a logo of the Freemasons on top of a bamboo background, which is quite unique.

The case looks very simplistic yet stylish. And if you’re cult-fan of the Freemasons, this case is a great way to symbolize your interest as well! The case is designed for iPhone 11 only. The case has a bamboo background, yet the sides are lined with black rubber. This not only provides extra protection against bumps and drops but gives an elegant look as well.

The Freemasons symbol on the bamboo top is laser-engraved, which has a great finish. The case is environmentally friendly, and it’s made of recycled wood.


  •   Made of quality wood
  •   The sides are lined with rubber and TPU
  •   Laser-engraved symbol
  •   Simplistic design


  •   The edges are a bit sharp
Crucifix Cross Bamboo iPhone XR Case

Another beautiful product from iMakeTheCase. This one has a bamboo background and a Crucifix cross laser engraved on it. Unlike the previous one, this particular case is designed for iPhone XR.

The top of the case is made of a sleek, wooden plate. The engraved artwork is of high quality, and it will not wear off with usage. If you have a friend or a family member of Catholic or Christian faith, this case might be a great gift for them.

As bamboo can grow faster and yields a considerable amount of more wood than any tree of its size, this case is considered to be eco-friendly.


  •   Laser engraved design
  •   Made of quality bamboo wood
  •   Sides are made of TPU and rubber


  •   Not suitable for everyone

The Day of the Dead case is truly an exceptional one. Although it might not be appealing to everyone, it sure has an impeccable design.

The case is engraved with an artwork depicting the Day of the Dead. The characters and even the smallest details, in this case, are very sharp and visible, which we found to be amazing attention to detail.

While the top of the case is made of solid bamboo wood, the sides are lined with TPU rubber bumpers. These bumpers provide great protection against shocks and bumps. Even if your phone falls from your hands, the case will protect it from harm.

As most of the top part of this case is laser etched, it provides a firm grip. As a result, the case doesn’t feel slippery, unlike many other bamboo cases. This is one of the reasons we included this case in the list of the best bamboo phone cases.


  •   Magnificent artwork laser etched on top of bamboo wood
  •   Sturdy and shockproof case
  •   Made for iPhone 11
  •   Has a firm grip


  •   The engraving might not feel right to everyone’s hands

This case from iMakeTheCase is made for iPhone 11, and it is made of wood, rubber, and TPU. The case features the artwork of a tree and some birds that are flying away from it. The artwork looks pretty amazing, and as it doesn’t signify anything in particular, so anyone can use this.

The top wooden part is actually solid bamboo, and it is pretty strong. It will not only protect your phone, but the case itself will remain intact even after multiple falls. The sides are lined with high-quality rubber and TPU, and they provide excellent protection from shocks and bumps. Plus, they will keep your phone from getting scratched as well.

The artwork on top of the phone is laser engraved. It is solid and free of any kind of flaw. You will certainly be satisfied with the quality of the artwork.


  •   High quality, laser-engraved artwork
  •   Sturdy cover
  •   Made of high-quality wood, TPU, and rubber
  •   Shock and dust-proof


·   The edges on top are a bit sharp

FXYRAIN iPhone Wooden Cases

The real wooden cases by FXYRAIN is the last product of our list of best bamboo phone cases. The best thing about this product is that it comes at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a product that will do the work without breaking the bank, we highly recommend you get this.

This product is made for iPhone 7 and 8 Plus models. The case is made of wood, polycarbonate, and plastic. The case materials are of premium quality and will keep your phone safe from harm.

However, this case doesn’t offer as much longevity as some other products. Moreover, these cases don’t have impeccable finishes.

Nonetheless, the cases from FXYRAIN have a simplistic design and build.


  •   Affordable price
  •   Great protection
  •   Simplistic design


  • Doesn’t offer great longevity

Final Thoughts

Even though these cases are unique in their way and comes with a lot of perks, even the best bamboo phone cases will come with some common problems. For example, a lot of cases with bamboo tops are rather slippery, which proves to be a drag for some users.

However, bamboo phone cases are worth buying. They provide superb quality, protection, and longevity. Unlike leather and plastic phone cases, these last longer and aren’t as stiff. Although some metal cases last longer than bamboo cases, they do not allow wireless charging.


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