7 Best Bamboo Lamps For Your Home

Are you searching for lighting alternatives for your home? Break out of the traditional and boring style of home decor that imply ingenuity and get a beautiful bamboo lamp for your house. The world is going through a tough time due to rising global temperatures, and in order to recuperate from this situation, we should all move towards using eco-friendly products. You can play your part with a tropical bamboo lamp since it is environment-friendly and produces little waste in the production process. They are also very eye-catching and come in a variety of designs.

 The conventional lampshades are made of fabric, tiffany, glass, plastic, and paper. These lamps are not quite as environment friendly since all the mentioned material harms the ecosystem in some manner. Whereas the bamboo lamps are made of the fastest-growing tree, and it doesn’t require any chemicals in the manufacturing process; some are even handmade.

 So if you are inclined to shift to a more eco-friendly environment, then we suggest you go for a bamboo lamp. For your convenience, we have looked into a ton of bamboo lamps that are available in the market and reviewed the best ones. Read on to know what are the best bamboo lamps to buy in 2020.

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How are Bamboo Lamps Made?

Let’s get one thing straight: bamboo lamps are made of natural elements. They are entirely crafted from bamboo trees without the use of any chemicals. The manufacturing process might vary from company to company, but the basics are similar. Let’s dig deep to know all about the general process following how bamboo lamps are made:

 Firstly, the company grows its own set of bamboo trees in their farms to reduce the cost of buying them. Bamboo trees grow quite fast, so it isn’t difficult to grow a bamboo garden for a company assuming they have the land.

  • In the next step, the bamboo is shaped and made smooth in the chipping facilities.
  • The bamboos are then sent to the machines to be cut into perfect sizes, according to the design of the lamp. And a frame is made of bamboo according to the planned design.
  • After the smooth and shaped bamboo is sent back, it is attached to the bamboo frame of the lamp. It is mostly done by machines, although there are some companies that make handmade lamps as well.
  • After that, the lamps are sent to factories for shipping worldwide.
  • The final and the most important part is that the bamboo is re-cultivated to keep the cycle unhindered. Bamboo re-grow very fast, so it doesn’t hamper the environment.

How to Choose the Perfect Bamboo Lamp?

You might be wondering which bamboo lamps would be ideal for your home and why. Before diving into our top picks of bamboo lamps, let’s answer an important question: how to choose the perfect bamboo lamp? Here’s a list of things that you need to considering while you are shopping for a bamboo lamp:


If you are someone who likes to surround themselves with beautiful things, then we have great news! Bamboo lamps come with a promise to enhance the aesthetics of your home without a doubt. However, bamboo lamps are not one-dimensional at all; they are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The first and foremost thing to look for in an ideal bamboo lamp is its design. Choose one that would suit the interior setting of your space, considering furniture, colors of the wall, where you are going to place them, and such. Rest assured that there is one bamboo lamp for every kind of setting: however Mediterranean, Scandinavian, or rustic is maybe. Manufacturers have been introducing new designs frequently, choose one that fits the bill.


It goes without saying that quality is an essential part of making a purchase decision, whatever the product may be. A high-quality bamboo lamp will not only last for a long time but also bring an elegant touch to your home. You can change the entire look of a space, simply by placing a superior quality bamboo lamp in it; simple as that! While it is important to keep your budget in mind, and not go overboard with shopping, we would like to have you know that there are way too many bamboo lamps in the market that are brilliant in quality yet quite affordable.


Bamboo lamps are naturally made, and sometimes even hand-crafted; that is to say, there are no chemical elements involved in the making of bamboo. As a result, to purchase a bamboo lamp with superior quality and elegant design, you might need to spend a few more bucks than you would have for a traditional one. With all the additional benefits that it offers, the price is only justified. However, there is a wide range of bamboo lamps available in the market, standing at various price points. You can easily choose one that will serve you best.


A popular brand will always ensure its customer’s satisfaction. So you should choose a lamp offered by a reputed company. You can check online if the brand that you are eyeing has any scratch in their slate. Be sure to go through our review as well, since we have handpicked bamboo lamps that are manufactured by some of the best names in the market.

Top 7 Best Bamboo Lamps

bamboo lamp

TOYM US Japanese Bamboo lamp is a cost-effective bamboo lamp, made of only natural and organic materials. The lamps are handmade, so it adds extra beauty to the lamp. If you want to decorate your house with a fascinating and high-quality lamp, then this bamboo lamp is the ideal choice for you. You can use the lamp at home, cafes, hotels, and studios.

 Made of premium bamboo the lamp can withstand very high temperatures, so you can light up the lamp for the whole day without affecting its quality. The lamp features a safe push-button switch to turn it on and off. The manufacturer comes with a promise to serve its customers; they provide 24/7 customer service and offers a 90 return policy. It is an eco-friendly product, and no chemicals were used when making this lamp.

 Product Features:

  • The has a voltage capacity of 110v – 120v
  • Supports LED bulbs of 25-60 W
Home Art Bamboo Lamp

Stylish design and durability are the primary concerns of  Home Art Bamboo Table Lamp. Home Art Bamboo Table Lamp provides a very soothing lighting environment, and it is elegantly designed to dim the light. The lamp has a voltage capacity of 110 volts. Its quality bamboo construction ensures the durability of the lamp. The lamp is perfect for gifting to your loved ones since it is exquisitely designed and eco-friendly.

Product Features:

  • Light kit included with the lamp
  • Durable and stylish
KOUBOO Bamboo Lantern
  • The bamboo lamp from KOUBOO is one of the most modern and user-friendly bamboo lamps. This is a hard-wired lamp, featuring a 28-inch chain to connect with the ceiling, and it can be shortened by removing links from the chain. It supports all types of 60-watt bulbs

    With a wonderful design, this lamp looks very pleasing. The lamp is handmade from the premium bamboo peel, making it a very eco-friendly product. Kuoboo offers a year warranty for this lamp. The lamp is very flexible, hanged with a sturdy chain, and the superior built quality ensures its durability. 

    Product Features:

    • Featuring a 28-inch chain, the lamp hangs at a 36-inch height from the ceiling
    • Supports all types of 60-watt bulbs


Berlato Bamboo Chandelier

Berlato Tropical Bamboo Chandelier is a unique and spectacular bamboo lamp. The lamp is attached to the ceiling with a 100 cm strong and adjustable cord. The lamp ensures proper lighting underneath it with its special hand-woven design. The bamboo lamp from Berlato can be the perfect choice for you as it is very stylish and cost-efficient. It can be used for an extended period, thanks to its quality construction. It has a voltage capacity of 110-240v and is suitable in offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, etc.; it doesn’t look out of place anywhere.

Product Features:

  • The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty
  • Attached to the ceiling with 100 cm long chord
Goodtecnical Bamboo Light

Are you looking for a lamp that performs both in terms of stylish and durability? Goodtechnical Bamboo Lantern Pendant Lamp is as elegant as it is long-lasting. The lamp is tried and tested to offer a minimum of 20 thousand hours of life span. The lamp is high temperature resistant and fade-resistant too. Made of 100 percent organic material, the bamboo lamp is environmentally friendly.

Goodtechnical is a reliable brand in the bamboo lamp industry. The brand offers two years of warranty and lifetime technical support to its buyers. The hanging lamp is very easy to install. All necessary tools are included in the box. This bamboo lamp fits perfectly in any type of room and house. The voltage capacity of the lamp is 110V to 220V and supports bulbs of 60 watts.

Product Features:

  • The manufacturer offers 2 years of warranty
  • 20000 hours of lifetime
  • Made of 100 percent bamboo material
AMUMO Floor Lamp

AMUMO Modern LED Floor Lamps is popular for its ergonomic design. With this lamp, you can add elegance to your simple-designed room. The lamp is cylindrical with a height of 51.25 inches, and it will provide proper lighting to the whole room. Since the light is very stylish, you can also add this light in your guest room or a hotel suite, to create a welcoming environment.

The product is eco-friendly since it is made from natural bamboo. The product is lightweight yet durable. It is a classically designed lamp with modern features. By connecting it with a smart plug, it can work with smart home devices like Alexa. The lamps need a little assembly, but it isn’t hectic since all the nuts and bolts are provided with the box. It features a voltage capacity of 110V – 220V.

The lamp is so well-designed and well-built that it might be the best gift for your loved ones on their birthdays or on Christmas.

Product Features:

  • Features a footswitch
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Offers very soft and relaxing light
Upgradelights Bamboo Lampshade

The splurge-worthy bamboo lamp from Upgradelights is jampacked with features. The lampshade can be easily cleaned and also washed with water. It is specially designed to ensure that it fits anywhere in your home. The lampshade is made of natural bamboo, so the product doesn’t hamper the eco-system.

This bamboo lamp is very well-built, yet it is lightweight since it is woven with bamboo straws. The diameter of the lamp is 16 inches, and it has a voltage capacity of 120 volts. And it supports any bulb of 40 watts. The lamp is designed to ensure proper lighting in the room.

Upgradelights is a trusted brand in the bamboo lamp industry, and it is a small American family-based business trying to fulfill their American dream. The lamp gets delivered within a day to any part of the USA.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight yet durable lamp
  • Made in the USA

Are Bamboo Lamps Any Good?

Bamboo Lamps offers amazing quality along with exquisite design. They are much more durable than traditional lamps. The bamboo lamp is an eco-friendly product, and it is made completely from organic and natural materials. Moreover, bamboo doesn’t absorb any water so no fungus can grow in the lamp.

Bamboo lamps are now being used everywhere, starting from homes to hotels and restaurants. Bamboo lamps offer a versatile design, and it won’t look out of place anywhere. The manufacturers are working on upgrading the designs every day, and it is quite evident as we look into the stores. Bamboo lamps are also a very good gift material since they are elegantly designed and very well-built.

 The bamboo lamp has been booming since people have leaned towards the more eco-friendly product in recent times. These lamps are directly produced from bamboo without any use of chemicals. The conventional lamps are made of glass, plastic, wood, and fibers. Fibers require chemicals and don’t decompose easily. Wood and glass hamper the environment equally, but cutting down trees hampers the environment the most. Bamboo lamps are made from bamboo which lies in the grass species. Bamboo grows very fast, so cutting down bamboo does affect the ecosystem much.


Yes, bamboo lamps are eco-friendly products since they are made from 100% organic material and don’t require any chemicals to manufacture it. Moreover, they produce very little waste in the manufacturing process.

Bamboo lamps aren’t expensive; although, some lamps are designed for luxury use and might be standing at a higher price point. Considering the features they offer, we would say that they are one of the most cost-effective products in the bamboo product industry.

Yes, bamboo lamps are more durable than traditional lamps, and the credit largely goes to their reliable build. Regular lamps are generally made of glass, fiber, or plastic which can prove to be quite fragile. With kids and pets at home, there is always a risk of the lamps tripping over, breaking and hurting someone. On the other hand, bamboo lamps are made of bamboo, which is rather strong and doesn’t break easily. So you can expect a bamboo lamp to serve you for several years, even with kids and pets around.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, get a quality bamboo lamp to enhance the look of your house and also help the environment.  With the vast array of bamboo lamps, it might be the perfect choice for your house. Keeping all the major features in mind, we have reviewed some of the best ones for you. We hope you have a better understanding of what you should be looking for after reading this bamboo lamp review.



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