Best Bamboo Plates You Can Buy Right Now

Even Pandas will eat from these plates

Bamboo is soon becoming a beloved alternative to many materials that were widely used to make dinnerware, bedding and even straws. Today we will look in detail into bamboo plates.

Disposable plates and cups are some of the most wasteful items you can buy. Unfortunately, paper plates remain one of the most used forms of disposable plates till this day.

But now there is an alternative, one that can be reused is many times better than using paper plates or ceramic plates. We are talking about bamboo plates. Bamboo is naturally occurring and can be regrown faster than most trees.

This makes bamboo one of the most sustainable plants. Plates made from bamboo checks two of the most important boxes for us, they are both durable and eco-friendly. This article will give you an in-depth review of the best bamboo plates you can buy and a once and for all answer to how bamboo plates are better than some of the other options.

Reviewed Products

Bamboo Plates vs. Paper Plates vs Plastic Plates

This might be familiar; you want to host a party with all your friends then you realize that you need plates to serve so many guests food. As a last-minute hurrah, you go out and bought plastic plates.

Disposable plastic plates are really bad for the environment. Not only do they need a ton of energy to manufacture, but they also are not biodegradable and eventually end up in landfills or worse the ocean.

I am sure you have seen heartbreaking videos of marine life being adversely affected by plastic that is ruining their ecosystem. Turtles are some of the most badly affected in this case, which is just sad and something that can be easily avoided if we are a bit more diligent.

The same goes for melamine plates as well. Melamine plates are also non-biodegradable and can still be around for 100 years after being discarded. They are also made using harsh chemicals which are not always the safest thing to eat off of.

A great alternative is using bamboo plates. Here’s how bamboo plates compare to paper and melamine plates:


As we have mentioned time and time again, bamboo is one of the most sustainable raw materials to use. The rate at which bamboo plants regrows makes it easy to replenish and keep using and reusing. Bamboo dinnerware and utensils also do not require as much energy and resources to manufacture either, which makes them have a much lesser impact on the carbon footprint than the other two options. Even disposable bamboo dinnerware and plates will be better for the environment in the long run.


Bamboo plates fix one of the most pressing issues with other plates of waste with its biodegradable nature. If you discard a bamboo plate, since they are made from a natural resource, bacteria can decompose it which then helps other organisms as well in the process. You do not need to be worried about these ending up in landfills or harming marine life.


Bamboo plates are free from harsh and harmful chemicals like BPA and Phthalates making them safe for everyone even small children. We wouldn’t want little Johnny to be left out of the party, now would we?

Reusable and durable

Bamboo plates can be used and reused many times over without any problems since they are easily washable properties of bamboo makes it super easy to clean. They are lightweight yet durable which ensures that your brand-new bamboo plate set will last you for a long time to come.

They look cool

We don’t know about you, but we feel this one is a pretty important advantage. Bamboo plates look cool, they are well designed and come in inspiring shapes and sizes and the patterns and textures on them make you want to admire them like they are a piece of art. We have never heard anyone say that about plastic or melamine plates. You save the planet and look cool while doing it.

Best Uses for Bamboo Plates

Bamboo plates are very versatile and can be used for a myriad of occasions.

House parties

These plates are light and durable, making them perfect for house parties where you may have a non-seated meal option. Since they are durable you do not have to worry about any accidents that might occur with someone dropping these.


A great option for meals at the office. Being easily washable, you can get done in a jiffy. Since they also look stylish and professional you can be whip these out to entertain guests over a meeting and impress them.

Can be used with different types of food

You do not have to pick and choose what type of food you want to have with these. These can be used for any type of food be it seafood, steaks, vegetable or oily foods.

Top 10 Bamboo Plates

If you need a reasonably priced set of disposable plates that you will not feel bad about throwing when you are hosting your next party, you can give these 8-inch plates from Teassure4u.

These are minimal and round functional plates that get the job done and you can get 25 of them for around $20. Made from all-natural raw material, these palm leave-bamboo plates can be thee perfect choice to serve up small finger food or be used as dinner plates for your guests.

We quite liked the sturdiness of these plates as well. Disposable plates do not have to be flimsy and low quality and these are a good example of that.

Product Features:

  • Naturally made from these palm leave-bamboo
  • 8 inches in diameter provides a good surface for guests to enjoy the meal
  • Easily disposable

Searching for a safe and easy to feed solution for your children. Plastic plates are made by treating them with harsh chemicals that can be disastrous to your child’s health. This toddler plate set is a quality all-natural bamboo plate set of 4 that deserves a good look.

They are non-toxic and eco-friendly. You do not have to worry about harming your children’s health with these. These are durable too; they resist scratches and unsightly stains. So even your kid is a bit rough on these, they should last just fine.

Do we mention how easy these are to clean?  You can chuck these in a dishwasher and get washing or just hand wash them with soap and cold water. Easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Product Features:

  • Durable design perfect for small children
  • Easy to clean and maintain

If you are wanting something that is microwave safe for your kids to enjoy with which you can easily fix them a microwave ready meal in a jiffy, the ECO MATTERS Bamboo Toddler Plates is the one to get.

Ready for use and completely safe, these plates are completely melamine free and void from any harmful toxins such as BPA and PVC which can be harmful to toddlers.

The superb quality and all-natural and safe bamboo construction of these plates easily lands itself the No. 8 spot in our best bamboo plates review.

Plus, these also come in different colors which children will enjoy. Present their dinner in these colorful and fun plates for a healthy and fun meal.

Product Features:

  • BPA and PVC free
  • Durable
  • Comes in fun colors

We are going to be honest here, even for being toddler plates, these WEESPROUT bamboo plates look very professional and adult-like. They are well made and are minimally designed.

The edges are curved upwards, which we believe is to prevent small children from spill food, whatever the reason for the design choice was, the result is surprisingly elegant toddler plates even adults will not have a problem having a quick meal off of.

Of course, WEESPROUTS plates are made from bamboo and non-toxic and biodegradable. So, when you decide to throw these away, they will not be harming the environment.

Product Features:

  • Sleep design
  • Child safe
  • Nontoxic

If you are a fan of minimally designed tableware like we are over here, then you will like the ultra-sleek and minimal design of the Amuse Home Natura Green- Bamboo Plates.

Their non-intrusive design language will fit almost any dinner setting and the green color finish adds a touch character to the overall look and feel.

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can take these out and set up a nice home-cooked meal that both looks good and is safe for your guests or yourself.

Made from natural bamboo, you can rest assured these are some of the most eco-friendly alternative options you can get your hands on right now.

Product Features:

  • Elegantly designed perfectly for hosting guests
  • Biodegradable eco-friendly plates

Bamboo plates look cool and come in different styles and color finishes making them perfect for every setting. Just take a look at these plates from YourModernHome.

The design alone is enough to make you switch from plastic or melamine plates. In the case that is enough, these are also BPA free made from natural bamboo with premium quality, fit and finish.

If you want to spruce up your dining room experience, these should be a no-brainer. Affordable and durable without sacrificing quality and style.  

Product Features:

  • Durable and quality material
  • Bamboo fiber makes these eco-friendly and reusable

Alright, let’s get one thing out the of the way. These are not exactly bamboo plates but rather made from Bagasse a by-product of sugarcane. Since we are all about eco-friendly and sustainable living around here, not including these would have been a shame. 

For just over $15 you can get a 100-piece set of disposable plates that are made from all-natural sugarcane by-product, which is not only safe to dispose of but is also sturdy.

If you hosting a large party and a quick solution to the plating situation, you do not have to look any further. These are also unbleached and microwaveable. It was the nifty little conveniences like these managed to get this plate set in our best bamboo plate review list.

Product Features:

  • Great value for money for a 100-piece set
  • Safe and environment friendly
  • Microwaveable

Tired of boring circle plates? These square plates should do the trick. We like the unusual shape of these disposable plates from bamboo. We didn’t place this plate in our No. 3 spot just because of the shape now did we? It has a myriad of cool and redeeming features.

Starting from the design you can instantly tell that care and thought went to it. The makers didn’t just make a square plate, they made an attractive square plate that looks good with smooth edges.

Additionally, these are also 100% certified organic bamboo, which gives you all the benefits of using natural material without the harmful effects of plastic.

Product Features:

  • Great design
  • 100% certified organic bamboo

If you want to take a more traditional route yet retain the same quality as our previous disposable bamboo plates, bamboo has thought of that and have their round disposable bamboo plates. 

Take everything good about our previous square plate in a round design and you get his piece of well made all-natural and eco-friendly bamboo plate.

Product Features:

  • 100% organic bamboo
  • Durable and well made even for a disposable plate

Taking the crown in our best bamboo plate round up is the Earth’s Dream Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware set that looks as beautiful as it is functional. 

You a get a full-featured set of 17 pieces of natural bamboo fiber tableware that is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Style and functionality do not have to come at the cost to the environment and these plates drive that point home, giving you a premium high-quality set of plates that are just plain better than any plastic or melamine plate out there.

Product Features:

  • Full-featured set
  • Premium design
  • Eco-friendly natural bamboo fiber construction

How to Care for You Brand New Bamboo Plate Set

Bamboo plates with all their toughness and durability do need a little of bit care if you want them to last a long time. Nothing too fancy, just a little due diligence will go a long way. Here is how to care for your bamboo dinnerware:

1. Do not drop on hard surfaces

This statement applies to most dinnerware and plates but it is even more so with bamboo. Note that dropping a bamboo plate will not instantly cause it to crumble into a million pieces, but some bamboo plates are more brittle than others and constant impacts can cause it to be structurally weak. So handle with love with care.

2. Dishwasher need not apply

Bamboo plates aren’t made for the dishwasher. The good news is they do not need to be. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, so a gentle wash soap and water should do the trick. Do keep in mind that after a wash makes sure to completely dry out the plates and dinnerware. Otherwise, there are chances of mildew formation. Keep in a dry place when you want to store these.

3. Oiling your plates can extend their life

If you oil your bamboo dinnerware, you will keep it looking supple and moisturized for longer.


No, normal knives and forks should do no extra harm to your bamboo plates. But we recommend not to use chef or steak knives to avoid any long-lasting damages.


For a good quality bamboo plate it should be very easy to get rid of stain. Just give it a wash with soap and cold water. Try to avoid the dishwasher unless the plate you have is dishwasher safe; to extend the life of your plates.

Generally, bamboo plates are best washed by hand with just soap and cold water. But some brand’s plates can be washed in the dishwasher if you so choose. Before buying check out the product description to know if the manufacturer lists dishwashing as a safe option.


Bamboo plates are slowly gaining popularity as more and more people are getting conscious about the environment and know more about the impact of single-use plastics and melamine. Our best bamboo plate roundup is meant to be an easy guide for your head in the era responsible and eco-friendly tableware.


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