Best Bamboo T-Shirts You Can Buy Online

When you think about a more sustainable way of living, T-shirts might not be the first thing to pop up into your mind. You might be shocked knowing that the apparel industry contributes about 20% of the total industrial water pollution. Manufacturing, dyeing, treatment of these clothes lead to much more environmental damage than you would expect. We think it’s safe to say that you will now think twice before purchasing another piece of synthetic T-shirt.

Now that we’ve got you considering, how about changing to something that’s environment friendly and provides just as much value as your regular Tees? Over the past few years, the bamboo garments industry has seen steady growth due to the rising environmental concern among the people.

On that note, we present our list of top bamboo T-shirts to help to switch to a greener lifestyle.

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How are they better?

In a generation where fast-fashion is considered “trendy” and convenient, it’s high time that the world is enlightened about a better alternative: Sustainable fashion and how it can save us from a potentially un-livable earth.

You might think we are exaggerating, but fast-fashion is the reason behind 13 million tons of textile waste every single year! Although a lot of this could be recycled, no sort of action is taken, and all that garbage is dumped into our seas. Yes, the sea from where we get food and other resources.

A report in 2017 has calculated that cleaning synthetic textiles such as polyester is accountable for about 35% of micro-plastic in the oceans. We know that understanding these reports might be on the more difficult side, but the summary is: whatever is happening in the fashion industry might not be as loud as the plastic producing industry, but it’s a slow killer. Imagine eating something that has at least once in its life, consumed some form of plastic or waste!

So, you may be worry-free as you throw away 5 T-shirts each year, but every single unit contributes to the alarming rise in textile garbage. For long, bamboo has been considered one of the eco-friendliest fabrics out there in the market. Not only are these T-shirts recyclable, but they also cost significantly less to produce than the average cotton T-shirt. 

The bamboo garment industry is still heavily reliant on bamboo nylon (which isn’t the best form of reusable material you can get from the plant). Still, if the people of the world show more interest in this option, it won’t be long before we come up with clothes that are 100% environmentally friendly.

Let’s take a look at our list of eco-friendly bamboo T-shirts that will help you save the oceans; one T-shirt at a time.

Top 8 Best Bamboo T-shirts

Boody Body EcoWear Crew Neck T-shirt

Boody Body will go as far as to say that they think their EcoWear Crew Neck T-shirt will be the comfiest T-shirt you have ever owned.

The fabric is 95% rayon mixed with 5% spandex. Not only is this extra soft on the skin, but the T-shirt in itself is also ultra-breathable and contains the moisture-wicking technology, so throw out the worry of finding yourself sweaty all the time. The natural cooling fabric is also thermo-regulating. Use it as an undershirt with your formal getup, or use it for your athletic feats; the tee is guaranteed to perform amazingly under any circumstances.

One of the more comfortable pieces of clothing you’ll ever own, this product is definitely one you to get your hands on for all sorts of use.

Product features:

  • Natural cooling fabric
  • Suits sensitive skin well
  • 95% bamboo (very eco-friendly)

One of the two products from the brand Texere, the Crew Neck Undershirt in Bamboo Viscose, is a top contender for premium quality (soft and comfortable too) materials used. The company spreads Eco awareness and promotes the preservation of Social Cohesion and Native Cultures. Feel good about buying from a brand that follows such admirable goals!

The T-shirt promises to deliver incredible comfort, great breathability, as well as remarkable moisture absorbance. A lot of the customers were happy with the service and loved how well-fitting these T-shirts can be.

Choose comfort and a great cause with Texere Crew Neck Undershirt – Luxury in Bamboo Viscose.

Product features:

  • Great fabric
  • Well-fitting
  • 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton

If you prefer loose garments to the more fitted ones, this T-shirt will be meet all your oversized tee demands. Made especially for the people who boast a healthier body, this T-shirt can still be worn by a large section of people.

The reason we included this in our rundown is the weightlessness and soft feeling this T-shirt gives. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, so say goodbye to annoying pit stains and the icky feeling of sweat against your body. It’s made from the mix of 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% cotton. These can potentially be your new summer buddies. Pull them out for a casual walk in the park on a humid summer day, or use them for your chill hours at home.

Plenty of customers have claimed it’s their new favorite T-shirt. Ready to give it a go and feel the difference?

Product features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Great color selection
  • Light
  • Keeps you dry all-day

worboo Bamboo Crew Neck Undershirt looks simple, feels amazing and soft, is easy to clean, and made of 95% bamboo pulp fiber. What else could you ask for in a bamboo T-shirt?

This one comes in two simple colors – white and grey. We know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but the quality makes up for the lack of color selection. Thanks to the ultra-comfortable fabric, your experience with these tees are going to be relaxing and cooling. It’s good to know that this kind of fabric can be 3.5 times as breathable as cotton, meaning that this will be your go-to for summer, sports, and for wearing under any other garments.

Designed using the best quality bamboo fabrics, this T-shirt will deliver the comfort it has promised, and you will keep adding it to your cart over and over again.

Product features:

  • Breathable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from high-quality bamboo fabric
Texere Short Sleeve T-shirt - Bamboo Viscose Top

The Texere Short Sleeve T-shirt’s fabric consists of 70% bamboo viscose, 25% cotton & 5% spandex, a product containing a higher percentage of bamboo than a lot of the others.

It is capable of wicking away moisture so that you stay dry, fresh, and odor-free all day long. So, you don’t need to worry even if you sweat too much. This organic T-shirt will keep you dry and comfortable. If you have sensitive skin or are suffering from allergies, then this could be your first choice. The tee is 70% bamboo viscose. The bamboo plant is biodegradable and organically sustainable. Thus, ensuring minimum environmental threat and maximum comfort. Overall, the perfect value for money product!

This tee can be your first choice because of its affordable price & compatibility with a wide range of outfits. The price will vary based on the sizes. Choose larger sizes if you prefer relaxed fits.

Product features:

  • Contemporary fit
  • Regulates temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cozy and comfy
Tasc Performance Carrollton T-shirt

A great second runner-up, the Tasc Performance Carrallton T-shirt will offer incredible comfort paired with some good fits.

If you have sweaty skin, this one’s right up your alley. The tee will wick away your sweat so that you can stay stainless and odor-free all day long. Another specialty of this tT-shirt is that it provides you with a 50+ UPF protection. No more being afraid of the sun and extremely warm weather conditions. The tee will not only keep you dry but also shield you from the harmful UV ray. It’s time to rock the summer in your own way.

The main concern might be the price range of the product. But compared to its exclusive features and extreme comfort, it’s quite justified. Worth every penny you are paying for it!

Product features:

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • No chemical finishing
  • Beautifully lightweight
  • Made for sports
SCOTTeVest Bamboo Polo

A bit on the high-end side, this SCOTTeVest polo delivers fashion alongside the great feeling of it being eco-friendly.

Specially crafted for traveling, this polo can also be a great addition to your daily wardrobe. With three nicely placed pockets that can fit almost all your accessories, this tech/workout polo is highly functional and versatile. The fabric is breathable, stretchy, odor-resistant, and can keep you fresh all day with the moisture-wicking properties. Top-of-the-line technology allows the T-shirt to distribute the weight equally in all segments of the cloth. What’s unique are the hidden pockets, a great location for securing your valuables when you are on the go!

Tailored for a comfortable fit, the SCOTTeVest Bamboo Polo keeps things comfortable and functional.

Product features:

  • Great fabric and production
  • Versatile
  • Hidden pockets
  • Best for travel purposes
DAVID ARCHY Soft Comfy Bamboo Rayon UnderT-shirts – Crew Neck Tees

DAVID ARCHY relies on its 4 fundamental features and guarantees the satisfaction the customers are looking for.

They’ve claimed their Soft Comfy Bamboo Rayon Undershirts to be ultra-soft and comfortable, through the meticulous selection of the finest fabric and luxurious bamboo fiber in the hopes to offer the ultimate softness. The T-shirts should remain tucked in when chosen in correct shape and length. You can style it by tucking in, or you could wear it like a casual tee by taking a slightly larger size. These T-shirts also have a characteristic crew neck style conforming with a back neckline. Finally, they put in smooth seams that are designed to reduce friction.

A blessing in disguise is the fact that these T-shirts cannot be purchased in a single unit; instead, you can get the tees in a three pieces budget buy offer.

Product features:

  • Maximum eco-friendliness
  • Brings you ultra-comfort and much breathable
  • Wonderful fitting

What to look for when buying

For a first-timer who’s just decided to go for sustainable fashion, or even for someone who has been sporting bamboo T-shirts for a while now, searching for the best options to purchase can be somewhat of a hassle. There are some general factors that you should consider, which we have mentioned:

Fabric: Unfortunately, some unfair brands will call their clothes “recyclable” and “green” but often not use any natural materials in production. While buying your bamboo T-shirt, make sure to check for the quantity of rayon or viscose acquired from bamboo, which is in the T-shirt.

Comfort: The entire point of bringing a bamboo themed clothing line is that it will be able to compete with other ethical brands while contributing to keeping the environment clean. All the products we have mentioned are supremely comfortable and soft on the skin. Find something that is breathable and gives a cool experience.

Odor and sweat control: An impressive thing about bamboo T-shirts is that majority of them promise to deliver an odorless experience as well as quick drying of sweat using moisture-wicking technology. Don’t settle for any bamboo T-shirt that doesn’t offer this while there are good options available in the market.

Color and shape: Some might use the tees for sports or everyday home use, while some might wear those under their outdoor outfits. A lot of the T-shirts come in a bunch of vibrant colors or monochrome tones so you can find one for every purpose.

How are bamboo T-shirts made?

Yes, bamboo T-shirts are still made from trees, but those trees are fast-growing and don’t need all that care to grow. If you’re wondering how it’s sustainable if we’re still cutting down trees, but due to reasons we mentioned in the first sentence, bamboos are the best choice for this industry. Processing bamboos still uses fewer chemicals than that of cotton.

The process is actually really simple, much similar to that of cotton. It may vary a little between company to company, but the primary steps will be the same.

Step 1: Harvesting of bamboo plants

Of course, the first step is to cut the bamboos and get them to the plant where the first processing takes place.

Step 2: Processing of fiber

The bamboo fibers are combed out and spun into a rough fabric named “bamboo linen.” The process is expensive and labor-intensive, but this is not the soft fabric people choose bamboo for.

Step 3: Manufactured into the fabric

This is the step that turns the coarse fabric into the soft, smooth fabric everyone loves: bamboo rayon. The process does require a rather high chemical treatment, but the end products are satisfactory.

Step 4: Leaves the factory for shipping

The fabric leaves the plant and reaches multiple fashion and apparel companies who use it to design their individual garments.

Step 5: Replantation of bamboos for sustainability

The most crucial step of all- replanting more bamboo trees to keep the cycle going. The plant grows super-fast and is quickly ready to be made into your favorite eco-friendly items again.


Yes! Bamboo T-shirts are recyclable and require much less chemical treatment in comparison to other fabrics. They are very sustainable and leave a smaller water print.

There have not been any complaints of bamboo T-shirts causing harm to the skin. In fact, these T-shirts are significantly gentler on the skin. If you look into bamboo T-shirts, many of them claim to be well suited for sensitive skin types.

Not really. You could pick up these T-shirts at the same rate as all your other regular tees. There are some on the higher side of the price list, but it’s because they come with more benefits than the average.

Final Thoughts

While it is noteworthy that no T-shirts are made 100% from bamboo, there are ones that promote sustainable apparel by including a large portion of them in the production process. Bamboo T-shirts lead the way towards a new world where we care for the environment even more and proceed in the right direction to achieve a greener environment.

It’s important to prioritize mother nature as it sustains us. Choose bamboo T-shirts for your wardrobe and take your first steps toward a kinder way of living.


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