Best Bamboo Soap Dishes For Your Bathroom

It’s 2020, and a lot of people prefer bamboo or at least wooden soap dishes instead of the traditional plastic soap dishes. In case you were wondering what might be the reason, here’s why.

Plastic is widely used even today because of its versatility, affordability, and resilience. However, with the perks comes dire disadvantages. Plastic is harmful to nature, and it’s impossible to keep the pollution in check everywhere. And then again, some plastic may even harm you in a lot of ways.

That is why the usage of plastic is reducing gradually. Then again, why use bamboo specifically and not any other type of wood or metal?

Metal is crossed out at the start because it’s far more costly. And no matter how expensive the metal product you get, there is always a chance of degradation. That leaves us with wood.

But using wood is not eco-friendly at all. If we were to replace metal or plastic accessories with wood, we would have to cut off a great percentage, if not, all of the trees on earth. That is where bamboo comes in.

To be blunt, it is a blessing. Bamboo is certified to be an environment-friendly material and can grow up to three meters in a day. Thus, you can restore a whole bamboo forest in months only! Then again, quality bamboo is tougher than the strongest oak and maple woods. Furthermore, bamboo is more oxygen efficient.

If you want to add modern aesthetics to your bathroom accessories while remaining eco-friendly at the same time, that’s a win for everyone!

Now that you know the benefits of using bamboo soap dishes, we will present the best bamboo soap dishes you can get in 2020! If you want to make your bathroom or kitchen look better, take a look now!

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Top 10 Bamboo Soap Dishes Reviewed

Creative Bath Products Spa Bamboo Soap Dish

The best bamboo soap dishes is the one from Creative Bath, or at least that’s our thought. The product has a measurement that allows the user to fit in any standard soap. However, if you are into square-shaped soaps, you will find it difficult to fit that in here.

The product has a white ceramic top which is the main carrier of your soap and, there is a bamboo base underneath. Now, this bamboo base has some linear openings through which water can pass. These openings are pretty convenient, and they add a level of aesthetics as well.

You can easily wipe this to clean any residues. As it can’t hold any water, there is no chance of the soap melting away over time.

Overall, we found the Creative bath bamboo dish to be very convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and as the name says, creative. 

Product Features:

  • Ceramic top
  • Bamboo base with enough drainage capacity
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Will hold any standard soap but not the square ones
  • Aesthetic design

Are you looking for a simplistic yet high-quality product? The Creative Home soap dish is the one for you. Although the design isn’t anything “creative” in particular, the soap dish looks pretty good. It is made of 100% high-quality bamboo wood.

The product has a natural tan color. However, the product you receive might look a bit different than the product image. It’s only because this product is made of natural bamboo wood, and every product is bound to have a different complexion. However, as no customer has ever complained about the outlook, it’s safe for you to assume that these are pretty good.

The soap dish has attractive grains, and the finish is pretty smooth. The water drainage works just fine, and the product is tested to last. Overall, the Creative Home soap dish is one of the best bamboo soap dishes you will find online in 2020.

Product Features:

  • Smooth bamboo finish
  • Attractive complexion
  • Minimalistic design
  • Splendid water drainage
  • Built to last

The Qulable Resin Soap case is truly an amazing one. This particular soap case consists of two parts; the top part is a bamboo chip. You can say it’s the platform for keeping your soap.

The chip has a natural bamboo tan. The complexion of the wood is great as well. The chip has three openings for draining water to the lower part, the bowl.

The bowl is made of high-quality resin. We found it fit for heavy usage, and it looks very natural. You can get the bowl in three different colors, white, dark grey, and beige. The dark grey color is terrific, and if you have a dark themed bathroom, we certainly recommend you get this one.

The bowl will store the water draining from the soap. If you didn’t know already, this process keeps your soap germ free. Once you feel that the container is nearly full, you can clean it very easily.

 If you are looking for an aesthetic looking soap dish that is long-lasting at the same time, the Qulable Resin soap case won’t disappoint you.

Product Features:

  • Bamboo top with sufficient scope for drainage
  • Resin container
  • Long-lasting
  • Aesthetic looking

If you want a rectangular soap dish, the iDesign product might be a decent pick. The downside of this product is that it comes with some plastic parts.

The base of the product is made of high-quality bamboo. The material used in this soap dish is pretty high-quality, and you will get a great performance out of it. It will last in the damp environment of your bathroom.

The top part of the dish is made of plastic. Judging by the pictures, you might think that there’s no drainage system. But rest be assured, it does have a drainage system. The water from the soap will be drained to the lower platform and will be stored there. Cleaning the lower platform is very easy as well.

We believe that the iDesign soap dish deserves the fourth place in our list of best bamboo soap dishes. We are confident that you will face no problem using this product.

Product Features:

  • Top platform made of PET plastic
  • High-quality bamboo base
  • Moderate drainage system

If you’re looking for multiple high-quality soap dishes at an affordable price range, you may take a look at the Amazerbath products. You will get two of the best bamboo soap dishes and that too, under ten dollars!

These dishes come in four different finishes. You can choose from natural bamboo tan, brown, black, or coffee-colored soap dishes. Each color looks amazing, and you should choose according to the surroundings. We would prefer it if they let us pick two colors for two products, but that’s not possible.

The soap dishes come with a rough finish. And honestly, we find that a bit convenient. Why? On rough surfaces, the soap is less likely to slip. It will indeed end up with more residue of the soap, but at the same time, cleaning it will be far easier.

Unlike the previous ones, this soap case doesn’t come with multiple platforms. The dish is lined with six slits, and we think that’s enough to drain the water out of your soap. Again, the dish isn’t all flat. It has an inward curve, which is far more preferable. On a curvy dish, the chances are higher that all portions of the soap won’t be in contact with the dish, making for better drainage.

Product Features:

  • Curved, single-layered soap dish
  • Made of high-quality bamboo
  • Rough and textured surface for more grip
  • Available in four colors
Stjerne Nigiri bamboo soap dish

The Stjerne Nigiri soap dishes follow a more Japanese style. These dishes are inspired by traditional Masu boxes, and guess what? They look really cool. If you’re looking for a unique and aesthetic tray that gets the job done, this is the one for you.

The Stjerne Nigiri soap case has a flat rectangular outline, and the middle portion consists of some beams of bamboo. There is an ample amount of space between these beams, and they provide an efficient drainage system.

That’s not all! The beams are curved in such a way that every beam touches the soap. This makes drainage even more efficient. The platform is elevated using four legs, which keeps the lower part of the platform free of water contact.

Overall, we think the Stjerne Nigiri soap dishes are pretty amazing, and you won’t regret buying them!

Product Features:

  • Japanese Masu box inspired design
  • Great drainage system
  • Easy to clean
  • Has an elevated surface
Wenasi Bamboo Soap Dish

The Wenasi soap dish is different than what you usually see. It is entirely made of bamboo wood. On the top, there is a dragon etched with some texts written in Mandarin below.

If you were wondering water might be stuck within the box, you’re wrong. The box has a good drainage system, which we found to be rather adequate. The box will keep the soap safe from any kind of external pressure.

The box itself is free from any kind of odor. However, you may find a faint scent, but we are positive that you’ll like it. As the box is fully made of bamboo wood, it might come with tiny flaws concerning the grain. But overall, the case is as good as it can get.

Product Features:

  • Unique design
  • Adequate drainage facilities
  • Keeps the soap safe from external pressure
Tvoip 2Pcs Bathroom Shower Soap Holder Dish

The next product in our list of best bamboo soap dishes is the Tvoip bamboo case. You will get two soap dishes with this package. Just like the Stjerne soap dish, this one too is elevated.

The soap dish has two parallel beams that work as a platform for elevation. On the beams, there are several beams placed horizontally. These beams have an inward curve, and they get curvier in the middle. The beams on the sides are flat, which will keep the soap from falling sideways.

Product Features:

  • Made with high-quality bamboo
  • Compact design
  • Offers a great drainage system with an elevated platform

Taking up the ninth position of our best bamboo soap dishes list is the four-pack dish from STUDYY. As you can see, you will get a good number of dishes at an affordable price. But that leads many to question, how well made they actually are?

The build quality of this pack isn’t amazing. However, we couldn’t complain to be very honest. Imagine two bamboo beams parallel to each other and multiple bamboo sticks joining these two. Now, will these last as long as the other products we have reviewed thus far? Certainly not!

The reason we included this in the list and didn’t put it up at the last position is because of its price to performance ratio. We believe that at this price point, it will be hard for anyone to get so many of these soap dishes. Plus, these are really good and even outperforms a lot of products reviewed before when it comes to drainage. So yes, we believe these are the bang for buck products of this list.

Product Features:

  • Economy pack
  • Moderate build quality
  • Great drainage facility
LATHER Bamboo Soap Dish

The next product is from LATHER. The whole top is made of quality bamboo. The top platform is made of four bamboo beams that are a bit curved. However, the curve is not consistent. The sides are high and get a bit curved at first. But later, they maintain a flat surface.

We can agree that the curvature has nothing to do with convenience and is present just for the aesthetics. The bamboo beams are spaced a bit apart, allowing adequate drainage. The whole upper platform stands on two thick beams of bamboo placed vertically beneath them.

Overall, this isn’t the best bamboo soap dish. However, if you’re looking for a durable product that will get the job done, you can definitely consider this one.

Product Features:

  • Aesthetic design
  • Sufficient drainage capacity
  • Affordable price
VViN Bamboo Soap Dish Bar

The VVin Soap dish is the final product of this list, and hopefully, it too will satisfy you like the previous ones. The VVin Soap dish might be the last one, but it still packs some great features. For starters, it has a rough surface with a good grip. Which means, your soap is less likely to drop from this soap dish.

The bamboo material of this soap dish is of high quality. It is very durable, and it will definitely last long. The top surface is lined with a check pattern, which is unique as well as attractive. It comes at a reasonable price as well.

The only question remains, why did we place this at the very last? We have a good reason for that. One of the main factors we focused on in this review of best bamboo soap dishes is the drainage. Without adequate drainage, the soap will not only melt away fast, but it is likely to get contaminated with bacteria.

And the VVin Soap dish doesn’t have any drainage system. Yes, you read that right. Every time, you have to clear the water off the dish manually, which is a drag. That is why we put this at the very last.

However, if you’re willing to take up that small effort of cleaning it with every use, the VVin soap dish is worth getting.

Product Features:

  • Sturdy build
  • Amazing design, probably one of the best
  • Reasonable price
  • Rough surface for a firm grip

Final Thoughts

As you can see, each soap dish comes with unique characteristics and outlook. In the end, the best bamboo soap dish in our eyes might not seem to be the best for you. We still tried our best to put up the traits of each individual product so that you can decide for yourself.

We still think that the Creative Bath product is the best bamboo soap dish among the rest. Although it’s a bit costly, that shouldn’t be a problem to most. Plus, the price isn’t unreasonably high. If you can spare a few more dollars, it’s always better to get a product that will last longer.

Hopefully, you will be able to select the one most suited to your needs and preference. With that note, we leave you the top eleven best bamboo soap dishes to browse.  


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