Best Bamboo Steamers 2020

For Healthy Cooking and Eco-friendly Foodies

When it comes to healthy eating most of the focus is given to what you eat and the actual cooking process or the tools that you use to cook them are left in the wayside.

How you cook a mean can have influences of how healthy it is for you and getting a bamboo steamer can open doors to new cuisines and styles of cooking for you. A great way to cook up a healthy meal which also won’t break the bank.

This article will give you an in-depth review of the top 10 bamboo steamers you can buy right now in the market right now, benefits of getting a bamboo steamer and what you can expect from using a bamboo steamer.

Before we dive into the review, here is why you would want to use a bamboo steamer.

Reviewed Products

Bamboo Steamer Advantages

Once you have experienced a good bamboo steamed cooked meal you will instantly know what you have been missing. Whether you are a cook or not, bamboo steamers are easy to get a hang off and can be very inexpensive. Here are some of the advantages:

Quick and Easy Meals

Bamboo steamers operate at very high temperatures and can, therefore, quick up a meal in a short time. Do keep in mind that for this reason, it is important to keep checking up on your meals regularly since you do not want to overcook them.

You can even cook multiple items simultaneously since these come in layers. If you want to cook up something easily within a short period, a good bamboo steamer is a perfect way to do it.

Not Very Expensive

Bamboo steamers are very versatile, coming in different sizes and are easy and cheap to purchase. You can be sure to find these in any special kitchenware store or even at your local retailer or Amazon.

Presentation and Quality

Have guests over and want to impress them with home delicious home-cooked meals?  Bamboo steamers are a great choice for this purpose. The steam gently cooks the food while preserving the colors, shape and also nutrients.

The bamboo keeps the water from dripping on the food as well, plus, let’s agree that presenting a meal made in one of these looks great presentation-wise.


Steaming is a very healthy alternative way to cook especially vegetables and proteins like various meats. You can preserve all the minerals and vitamins which if you had washed them, as is done normally, washes away most of the nutrients.

Wide variety of cuisines options

A common misconception around bamboo steamers is that you can only cook Asian cuisines with these. That is completely false. You can use bamboo steamers to fix up a seafood meal, vegetables and even meat.

Easy to clean

Unlike traditional stainless steel or iron cookware that hold grease, bamboo steamers are a breeze to clean. You do not have to waste hours cleaning these after a hearty meal.

Top 10 Bamboo Steamers

Happy Sale products are known to be durable and provide good value at a cheap price. That is not to say these are bad quality products, quite on the contrary. The HSST-BMB08 is a well-made quality product that lets you enjoy your steam cooked meal in comfort.

You get two bamboo steamer baskets and a lid that is used to trap the steam when cooking. The bamboo construction itself is durable and will get the job done easily.

You have a choice of different sizes too. Choose from either 6, 8 or 10 inches and whip yourself a nice healthy meal.

Product Features:

  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Not that expensive

This one looks pretty as well as giving you a 3-set steamer all at a reasonable price. A look at this and it is quite apparent why this steamer is one of our picks for the best bamboo steamers out there.

The design of this is also quite tasteful and classic. You feel like a high-end chef when using this and feelings like this are one of the joys of cooking that can be appreciated by all.

It’s a 10-inch steamer that comes in layers and of course the lid. The construction is also top quality. Made from 100% bamboo you can be sure your cooked meals will safe to eat and delicious. These are easy to maintain as well; just a gentle handwash will do the trick.

Product Features:

  • Attractive design
  • 100% natural bamboo construction
  • Easy to clean

he J26-0013 Steamer from Joyce Chen can be a bit on the expensive side for some, but its sheer attention to detail is what intrigued us about it. The design and quality of this are perfect for home use and also if you happen to own a fancy restaurant, these will fit right in with the aesthetic.

They are safe and healthy to cook with. The construction is solid as well, made from woven bamboo and comes with a domed lid that is designed to trap moisture for a delicious and fast cooking process.

These are great for making dim sums and other similar foods because they were designed to be used inside a wok or even over a stockpot. A great choice if you want something a bit high-end to produce fantastic and tasty meals every time.

Product Features:

  • Great quality
  • Large 10-inch diameter
  • Woven bamboo construction

At a price of around $20, the Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97008 steamers are a great value that we had to include in our best bamboo steamer roundup. The overall built quality, coupled with 100% sustainable bamboo construction gives it a premium fit and finish and puts it a tier above the rest of the budget bamboo steamer options.

The quality is apparent with this model because these are handmade steamers. You don’t usually see that at this price point. A nifty feature that this includes is loop handles that keep the lids in place.

There are also additional lacing pegs to make sure it stays tight and secure when cooking. If you are looking for something compact but which still has the quality to match the higher tier ones, these are a great choice.

Product Features:

  • Small and compact
  • 100% natural bamboo
  • Loop handles and lacing pegs included

The Mister Kitchenware is a 10-Inch Handmade Steamer that is our second handmade steamer in this lineup. The minimalistic design and the absolute meticulous attention to detail you get with this one is impressive, to say the least.

This is a two-tier bamboo steamer that will cook your food in healthy steam without any worry. The bamboo construction is fully natural and does not let water drip onto the food.

This high absorbent bamboo retains the freshness of any food you are cooking in it along with the nutrients as well. Additionally, the top of the lip is domed which helps to recirculate the steam and heat to give you a more even and faster cooking process.

Product Features:

  • Dome-shaped lid recirculates the steam
  • Large 10-inch diameter
  • 60-day money-back warranty

Looking for a steamer that helps you reduce waste, then the Zoie + Chloe 100% Natural Steamer bamboo steamer is worth a look. The reusable cotton liner helps you to reduce any sort of wastage which is an added benefit on top of it being 100% natural bamboo.

The liners are very durable and can be washed. Unlike paper liners that you get with a different model, you can be sure that the cotton liner will last you a long time. Plus, the 100% natural bamboo construction is great for cooking food that is healthy and tasty at the same time. 

You will not be finding plastic or machine pieces here. It’s all eco-friendly material with this one which lands it a position at the top of our list. As an added convenience, you can wash this in the dishwasher too, which is a great bonus in our books.

Product Feature:

  • 100% natural bamboo
  • Cotton liners
  • Machine washable

The BirdRock Home 10-inch steamer might not look much at first glance, but looks are deceiving with this one. What you get is an incredibly well-made piece of cookware.

The attention to detail is immaculate with this one. The diameter is 10-inches meaning you can fit a lot of different types of foods here. The top is also dome-shaped in this one which allows the steam to recirculate and evenly cook your food.

The tiered design is also compact and will fit almost any pot. A great option for anyone who wants an upper-tier bamboo steamer.

Product Features:

  • Large 10-inch diameter
  • Safely cooks your food due to natural bamboo construction
  • Well designed and premium build quality

Want a bamboo steamer that looks gorgeous and is also made to perfection, then the Hooden Natural Handmade Steamer is the one to get. The design of the steamer is an absolute stunner. From the color to the Chinese etching on the side, this steamer looks premium from all sides.

The source of the quality is from the materials chosen to make this product. It’s made from Chinese cryptomeria wood coupled with high toughness bamboo that gives it strength and premium look.

The lid itself is knitted providing extra rigidity while the stainless-steel band on the rack makes sure it lasts a long time. Cooking in this steamer is also safe and joyful. You won’t find harmful materials like wax, plastics or harmful chemicals. You can enjoy a safe and healthy homemade meal in the comfort of your home.

The diameter of the Hooden Natural Handmade Steamer is also one of the larger ones compared to all the others we have included in this review. It comes in at a comfortable 12-inch diameter size.

So, although this large size makes it easy to cook and adds some versatility; someone who is looking for a portable bamboo steamer might want to stay away from this one.

However, the overall quality of the material and handmade quality construction lands it an easy spot at no. 3 in our best bamboo steamers list.

Product Features:

  • Large 12-inch diameter
  • Premium high toughness and cryptomeria wood construction

Made from 100% natural bamboo, this bamboo steamer for Flexzion is a 2 tier set that is 8-inches in diameter and can be used to steam cook your favorite meals in no time.

The use of 100% natural bamboo pays off here as it makes food easy and safe to cook. The great thing about this one is 50 parchment paper that you get for free which can make cleaning a breeze.

You get two chopsticks in the box too. We loved the extra included accessories which were a nice touch. As for the lid of this steamer, it is domed which as we have mentioned lets the steam recirculate to cook whatever is inside evenly and thoroughly.

The actual quality of the steamer is noteworthy as well. We did not see any defects when we got the product in our hands and overall well-rounded bamboo steam steamer that is awesome for the price.

Product Features:

  • Included parchment paper and chopstick
  • Dome-shaped lid for even cooking
  • Easy to clean

If you are looking for the top of the line and the best bamboo steamer that you can get right now, then we recommend the VonShef Premium 2 Steamer. The build quality of this exceeded the others in the list. Although it is only 2 tier stackable steamer, the sheer quality of the two tiers is what landed it on our no. 1 spot.

The diameter is 10-inches, so is fairly large and makes it easier to cook. You also get two chopsticks included and 50 liners in the box! The steamer is versatile too, you can use it with any wok or on a pan for an evenly cooked healthy meal.

We appreciate the domed lid as well. This one is a great option for the seasoned bamboo steamer or even for someone just stepping foot in the bamboo steamer scene.

Product Features:

  • Large 2 tier 1—inch diameter
  • Included chopsticks and 50 liners
  • Top-notch quality

How to Use A Bamboo Steamer?

Using a bamboo steamer is fairly easy. Just follow these step by step guide and you will be cooking up delicious healthy meals in no time:

Step 1: Fill the wok or pan with water

Place the steamer inside a wok and fill it with water. Make sure the water level covers the bottom rim of the steamer otherwise it will scorch. However, do not make the water level higher than the bottom of the inside bed.

Step 2: Line the steamer

Now it is time to line the steamer. You will need to use a porous liner if you are placing food directly on the steamer bed so that steam can pass through the liner and cook your food. You can use liners specially made for bamboo steamers or lotus leaves or even cheesecloths.

Step 3: Placing the food

When placing the food do not overcrowd the area. Make sure to leave some space around them to give them room to expand. If you are going to be placing food on a plate, you can skip step 2. Make sure the plate itself is heatproof and shallow enough to close the lid.

Step 4: Place the steamer in the wok

Now place the steamer in the wok or pot and steam the water. You can either have the water preheated or put the steamer on cold water and let it come to simmer. You can use either method unless specified.

Step 5: Let it steam up and cook

Keep the water simmering and the evaporated water will start the cooking process. Keep the steamer on the simmering water for as long as need but do check on the food from time to time to avoid overcooking them. Keep adding water to continue cooking. Avoid putting in cold water since you do not want to interrupt the cooking process.


Bamboo steamers are a great way to enjoy a healthy and well-cooked meal easily.  Plus, the joy of using a bamboo steamer can be a fun endeavor. If you are unsure of which steamer to get, you can simply just pick the one from this list that best suits your needs and you all ready to go.


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