Best Bamboo Sunglasses for Summer 2021

As we are becoming more aware of what the environmental impacts of our consumption are, what it costs to the environment to produce the goods that we consume – be it necessity goods or luxury and novel goods – sustainability has become a big part of the discussion.

A big area of the sustainability debate happens to be the fashion industry, especially eye wear like sunglasses. Most popular sunglasses are made from plastic and as everyone might know by now, they are not eco-friendly,

As plastic production has a significant cost to the environment and brands, even consumers are looking into alternative ways to tackle this issue.

Enter bamboo sunglasses, an eco-friendly and highly sustainable way to look fashionable without all the disadvantages of traditional plastic pairs. We are bringing you a review of the 10 best bamboo sunglasses you can buy right now.

Reviewed Products

Why Are Bamboo Sunglasses Better?

Bamboo comparatively has a lot of advantages over a traditional pair. Here are a few highlights:


Probably one of the most important reasons why bamboo sunglasses are growing so popular is the fact that they are much more eco-friendly compared to your normal plastic glasses. Bamboo is a natural resource that can be replenished fast. This property makes it much more sustainable in the long run and creates much less of a burden on the environment.

They Are Comfortable

If you are going to be wearing your sunglasses all day on a sunny day, they better be comfortable. Well, guess what? Bamboo sunglasses are just that – extremely comfortable to wear. Because these are natural and lightweight, it is not too straining to wear them for a long period. Plus, the texture of bamboo is extremely smooth and feels nice to the touch; your skin will thank you later. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial and gentle on sensitive skin, so if you happen to have sensitive, rocking these should not be a problem for you.


Looks can be subjective, but we have never come across anyone who doesn’t think bamboo sunglasses look absolutely stunning. They are unique and far off from the traditional pair of sunglasses, everyone appreciates the look that they have. A great pair of stylish bamboo sunglasses will instantly increase your swag factor.

Different Design Choices

Fashion is all about individuality and everyone knows that. There is no one size fits all non-sense in the fashion world and bamboo sunglass manufacturers take that information to heart. They come in different sizes and designs all with their unique nuances. You are sure to find a pair that goes exactly with your style and the look you want to pull off.

More Durable

Ever had your sunglass’s frame chip or dent because you dropped them in the club partying or just, they happen to slip off your face? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Bamboo sunglasses are super durable since they are lightweight and somewhat flexible, they can last a long time if taken proper care. A point we will touch in detail later on in the review.

Top 10 Bamboo Sunglasses for Sunny Days

With an eye-catching look, these charcoal bamboo glasses are a great option for someone who wants something stylish but also serves a practical purpose of protecting your eyes with its UV400 protection. These are not too flashy and will blend in just fine with the rest of your outfit.

We like the polarization on the lenses as well, it managed to block most of the glare and gives an overall comfortable wearing experience due to the all-natural bamboo construction.

You also get choices for the color of the lenses you want. They are flashy yet classy, a great option for the bold fashionista inside you.

Product Features:

  • High-quality natural bamboo construction
  • Eco-friendly and safe to wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

If you are in the lookout for some affordable that can get the job done and do not care for extra bells and whistles, the LogoLenses Men’s Bamboo Wood Arms Classic is the one to get.

A solid choice, literally. The construction is commendable despite coming in at just under $10, these cool little sunglasses also do their part for the environment. The frame is composite though and you do not get polarization on the lenses. Which we don’t mind much given such an affordable price.

The temples are made from real bamboo wood that makes these quite comfortable to wear for longer periods. Oh, did we mention the 100% UV protection?

Product Features:

  • Affordable price
  • Great quality
  • 100% UV protection

Wise Owl Eco Goods is becoming a formidable name in the eco-friendly product segment and their polarized pair of bamboo wood glasses make for an amazing offering. For starters, these are a unisex pair. Men and women will both look stunning.

We love the style; these are bold and proud. The construction is commendable as well. One of the best things we liked about this one is the classic look made modern with the bamboo finish. A great choice for someone looking to test the waters with a solid pair of bamboo sunglasses.

Product Features:

  • 100% bamboo construction
  • UV400 protection
  • Stylish classic design

If you are in the market for a classic look in modern-day bamboo eye wear, these Shiratori Radiation Classic Bamboo Sunglasses makes our No. 7 in this best bamboo sunglasses round-up by delivering just that.

Made from bamboo, these composite side frames are sturdy and pretty well-built for a pair of glasses that come in at under $10. They are non-polarized though, but we can’t shave off too many points for that given how lightweight and comfortable these are.

The lens width 62 mm gives you great protection from sun radiation. An all-around great glass for the price.

Product Features:

  • Great build
  • Lightweight composite frame
  • Affordable yet premium

Boy, is this pair sleek. The design looks frameless from certain angles and the super light bamboo construction makes these as comfortable as they look stylish.

The polarized lenses on these help you deal with glare and is a perfect choice for wearing outdoors. Something you would most definitely want to do given how stylish they look.

Looks and style are not the only things you get though. The lenses are UV400 ray protecting and with 65mm width and 46 mm height. The craftsmanship on these is also impeccable. Some of the best we have seen at this price. For a bamboo sunglass pair that is under $20, these provide a good balance between style and functionality.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • UV400 protection

Made from real wooden bamboo, these are handcrafted and it shows. The attention to detail with these is impeccable and go head to head in quality against some of the best brands out there.

You get ample protection for your eyes as well; the lenses are rated for UV400 protection. The frame also allows you to attach a lanyard. These are a perfect gift for someone that appreciates fashion and is environmentally conscious.

Product Features:

  • 90-day warranty
  • Stylish look
  • Solid handcrafted built

Woodies’ black polarized bamboo sunglasses are for those who want to make a statement. The design language is bold and unapologetic. We quite loved the built quality as well. This is a good thing since the pricing of these is a bit on the high-end coming in at a bit under $30.

The lenses are anti-reflective and are 58 mm in width. A good size that should give you decent protection from the sun. You can look good and still care for the environment with these 100% bamboo wood construction glasses. The all-natural and eco-friendly sunglasses by Woodies Bamboo sit comfortably at No. 4 in our best bamboo sunglasses roundup.

Product Features:

  • 100% natural bamboo construction
  • Sleek design
  • Polarizing lens

4EST Shades is known for making unique looking sunglasses that stand out both for their quality and style ,and these are no exception. The frame is made from 100% bamboo, making it much more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly does not have to be boring though. One look at this pair of sunglasses and you instantly know, boring is the last thing 4EST Shades was going for. The frame comes in this black and olive color pattern that stands out quite a bit. Very stylish and eye-catching.

This particular model is from their 50/50 lineup of shades. That would explain the handcrafted quality of these shades.

Product Features:

  • Great built quality and design
  • 100% natural bamboo construction

There is a certain intrigue in subtlety and these sunglasses achieve just that. Not too flashy or over the top, these are just simply a well designed and impeccably made pair of bamboo sunglasses. 

The bamboo construction makes them easy to wear and is lightweight for a comfortable wearing experience. Say goodbye to sun glare since these have 9 layers of polarization.

Cloudfield also promises you superior craftsmanship and quality too, something that we can confirm since these are handmade and the attention to detail is impressive.

Product Features:

  • Handmade quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • 9 layers of polarization

Who thought, you knew caring for the environment looked this good. These handmade bamboo sunglasses look absolutely gorgeous and will look good on anyone.

The thick high-quality frame gives them a sense of quality, and the imported raw material used to make this pair consists of bamboo which makes these lightweight and comfortable to use while also being good for the environment.

These are also polarized. You do not need to deal with glare when you are out and about rocking this pair of stylish and premium glasses. Be ready to pay up though, they go for around $40 a pair.

But given the sheer quality of the frame and the lenses coupled with the bamboo construction makes them worth the price and gets the No. 1 spot in our best bamboo sunglasses round up.

Taking Care of Your Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo sunglasses are more durable than other plastic options, but it does not hurt to take a little extra care of your glasses to make them last for longer. Here are some simple ways you can ensure that your brand-new bamboo sunglasses last you for a long time to come.

Proper handling

This should come off as no surprise to anyone. If you want something to last, take proper care of it and handle it properly. People sometimes unconsciously use one hand to put on and take off sunglasses. This can be harmful to the hinges of the glasses depending on the side you put these on and off.

Using both hands for putting on the glasses will make sure you get the best support for them and not put uneven pressure on the hinges.

Store them safely

Store them away from little children or pets or any danger. Either keep a carrying pouch with you and keep them inside the pouch when you are not wearing them. Storing them in a risky place where something can find them is not idea to begin with.

Keep away from the sun when not in use

If you are not going to be wearing sunglasses, keeping them exposed to continuous UV rays can severely damage the tint on the lenses and degrade their quality.

Keep them dry and clean

Water and wood or bamboo do not always go well together. Although it will be just fine if you get some splashes of water on your sunglasses, ideally you would want to keep them away from the damp surface and as dry as possible. Continuous exposure to moisture will cause your sunglasses to change color.



Choosing the Pair

When choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses, other than looks, there are some factors that you should be keeping in mind to pick out the best pair for you:


Size matters, at least when it comes to sunglasses. The larger the size of the sunglasses the greater the area it will protect from the harmful rays of the sun. You do not want very small sunglasses that barely provide any protection. But also consider the look of it, large sunglasses might not look the best in all face shapes.

UV ray blocking

Every pair of sunglasses will mention the percentage of UV rays they can block. UV rays are harmful rays radiated by the sun that can cause a host of problems in long term exposure. Ideally, you would want to get glasses that block 100% of the UV rays.

Lens color and polarization

The lens color does not dictate the efficiency of its UV ray blocking capacity. Darker lenses do not protect better but do look cooler though. Similarly, polarized lenses do not stop UV but reflections. Also, lenses that are come in green, amber another color will not necessarily block more UV rays but may add a bit more contrast to your vision.


Unless there is a specific brand of bamboo sunglasses you want to buy that caught your eye, there really is no reason to spend absorbent amounts of money on sunglasses. Make sure to get the UV rating you want and the style of sunglasses that is right for you and provides the best value to your needs. The only reason where we see spending a lot can be if you really like the design of a specific pair.


Yes, bamboo is a natural material and has antimicrobial properties which make it safer to use. Plus, bamboo sunglasses do not come under harsh chemical treatments either.

Many confuse polarization with a sunglasses ability to reduce UV ray penetration. That is not the case. Polarization can mitigate the glare that the rays of the sun can cause when they hit flat or shiny surfaces. This feature makes wearing polarized sunglasses a good choice fpr outdoor activities.

Bamboo sunglasses will vary in price depending on the brand you choose and what features and style they offer.


Bamboo sunglasses are some of the most stylish and most eco-friendly ways to manufacture eye wear. For someone who is fashion conscious but also cares about the environment, having a good pair of any one of the best bamboo sunglasses is a must.


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