8 Best Bamboo Underwear for Men & Women

Underwear is such a small component of our wardrobe, but surely one of the most important nes. Trying to pick out underwear that’s both high-quality and comfortable can be a bit of a task, especially with so many options in the market. Yes, you can easily walk into any store and pick up some underwear, but we can present a better option: Bamboo underwear.

You read that right. On top of being super gentle and soft on the skin, bamboo fabric is much more environmentally-friendly. They are also recyclable. Why wouldn’t you want to switch to bamboo fabric when it’s evidently a better experience and also significantly eco-friendlier? So, before reaching out for your normal briefs again, consider giving bamboo underwear a try.

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How are they better?

Bamboo is taking over the undergarment industry due to it being both high-grade material, and also a comfortable one at that.

You’re probably wondering, out of all the types of fabrics available in the industry, why would someone think about producing something from bamboo? The reason is, people are now more concerned about the environment than they were, let’s say a few decades back. They’re looking for better ways to lower their carbon and water footprint, and bamboo provides us with a great opportunity to lessen the water footprint as well as create amazing garments. Bamboo plants grow incredibly fast, so we don’t have to worry about exhausting these resources, given we keep replanting them at a considerable rate.

Now, onto the good side of using bamboo as a fabric. If processed in the right way, bamboo fabric can be three times as soft as cotton. Not only that, but it can also regulate body temperature, meaning you won’t sweat excessively in the summer, and won’t feel that cold in the chillier seasons. This fabric is also anti-microbial and offers an odor-less and moisture-less experience. If you’re more on the sensitive side, the bamboo fabric will be your next favorite thing, as it is hypoallergenic. We know it can be somewhat confusing for anyone to hear the term “bamboo underwear” and be instantly intrigued, but we can promise you that once you have tried it, you will swear by it, and even if you don’t (we are almost certain you will), you will still love having a few pairs in your dresser.

After extreme scouring through the internet, we bring you our top picks for bamboo underwear for 2020 and hope you find something that meets your needs

Top 8 Bamboo Underwear

Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3

We are starting off with a contender that couldn’t be higher on the list solely because the others are that great. Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear by Hoerev is an amazing option for high-waist women’s underwear.

Made of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex, this underwear fits like a dream and provides optimal comfort for the modern women. It is also nicely stretchy, so it’s a great choice for all sizes. The underwear feels soft and silky on the skin, and it’s perfect for everyday use. You can pick from a huge variety of colors to match with every other outfit of yours. On top of being extremely versatile and nicely snug, there is that extra benefit of it being environment friendly.

According to customers, these stay the exact same even after multiple washes. Be sure you will have them around for a while if you’re just handing them a bit delicately.

Product features:

  • High-waist provides good coverage
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Will not put panty lines on the body

Texere has become a renowned name in the world of bamboo apparel. Their Bamboo Boxer Briefs will be well-loved by every man for their simplicity, lightness, and comfort.

This one is made from a blend of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. Featuring a single-button fly, the Texere Briefs are different than its competitors. Those little tags on the backside of every shirt, pant, and even underwear? They can be extremely irritating for a lot of people. Thus, with this model, the tags have been eliminated to ensure more comfort. Equipped with moisture-wicking and odor-less features, the underwear in itself is much easy to take care of you. The elastic waistband is hidden inside the fabric, and it prevents the underwear from rolling up.

One of the best available options out there, this one gives you a great experience overall, especially for sleeping.

Product features:

  • Silky soft to the touch
  • Hidden waistband
  • Tag-less for a comfier experience
  • Single-button fly
Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Underwear

Cariloha has a very interesting tagline for their Bamboo Underwear – “Protect your assets.” The Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Underwear is the kind of undergarment that will make you go, “Wow! I think ditching my old underwear was a great idea!” after just one purchase.

The fit on these is great – quite tight, nevertheless, exceptionally comfortable. Created from bamboo viscose and spandex, these are very lightweight and pleasant to the touch. The seams are nice and soft, causing no irritation to the skin whatsoever. It features a fold fly in the front as well as contrast trims along the sides and that contoured pouch to offer a better fit. You can expect a comfier, cooler, and cleaner experience from it in comparison to your old ones. No tags on the back, so forget that itchy, irritating, irking sensation you would get before using Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Underwear.

Purchasing now could provide you with a “buy three get one” offer. Don’t miss out on this great pick.

Product features:

  • Lightweight and great cheek support
  • No annoying tags on the back
  • Delicate seams
  • Naturally cooling
Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs

Another forerunner in the bamboo garments industry, Boody, has established its presence in almost all the sectors in the industry. When talking about great briefs, the Body EcoWear BoyLeg Briefs worthily makes the list.

If you’re searching for something that provides more coverage than a regular bikini, this one is just what you were looking for. Well-fitting, comfortable, and smooth, the briefs will be your next favorites. You could make this your sports buddy, but it is also great for day-to-day use. These briefs feature a seam-free and soft experience, as well as wide ribbed waistbands, mid to low rise that can help stretch the undergarment generously enough to hug every curve perfectly. The bamboo viscose has a relaxed feeling to it, being naturally breathable and lightweight. It’s also very well-suited for sensitive skin. The fabric also prevents static build-up.

These come in 5 sizes, but the company suggests sizing up as they do tend to run small. Apart from that, all A’s!

Product features:

  • Stays fixed in place
  • Seamless sides
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Temperature regulating briefs
DAVID ARCHY Bamboo Boxer Briefs

One of the two David Archy products on the rundown, the Bamboo Boxer Briefs, packs a powerful punch due to its unique features.

The material of the trunks is 95% bamboo rayon and 5% spandex. Due to the well-known softness of the bamboo fabric, these briefs are remarkably comfortable and delicate on the skin. Not only are these ultra-soft and made of natural materials, but they are also moisture-wicking. The 3D pouch is designed to hold you well down there with the double-layering and contouring. Stay safe from wedgies with the one-piece clean cut. The 1-inch waistband keeps the underwear in place and stops it from rolling up, and the seams are well-hidden inside the interlining to not cause any kind of discomfort.

An amazing choice for sport-enthusiasts and people who need it for everyday use alike, this underwear will make sure you don’t revert to your old ones again.

Product features:

  • Cozy and comfortable for daily use
  • Roomy 3D pouch with contouring
  • Does not ride up
  • Anti-wedgie feature
Warm Sun Women’s High Middle Waist Panties

This might not be the most fashionable choice from within our list, but this bamboo underwear is going to blow the “shortcoming” out of the water with its amazing comfort and perfect fit.

Women’s High Middle Waist Panties by Warm Sun are so soft that you might even forget you are wearing them. It provides enough coverage front and back, so it’s just up your alley if you prefer wearing underwear that holds everything perfectly without making you feel “too exposed.” The leg holes are slightly bigger than other underwear from Warm Sun to enhance comfort. This doesn’t leave any wedgies, and the 2” thick waistband halts the underwear from rising up. It also comes in a lot of sizes. It falls right on the waist-line and is an excellent option for sports or everyday use.

Don’t check it off your list, marking it as “granny underwear.” Give it a go and feel the difference it can offer.

Product Features:

  • Stays well in place
  • Feels airy and lightweight
  • Extra coverage
  • One of the best fits in the list
Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Classic Bikini

Unlike the other Boody underwear we have on the list, this classic bikini is much shorter if that’s what you like going for. It places at a higher rank for the premium quality and amazing comfort.

The design is much simpler and comes in three shades – beige, white, and black. It has the perfect mid-rise, which makes it wonderfully form-fitting. You’d think that an underwear like that could be somewhat comfortable, or not for your daily use, but it’s actually the exact opposite. These bikinis are super comfortable, sublimely smooth on the skin, and are very versatile. The waistband is flat-ribbed, which keeps the underwear in place; it won’t roll up even after you’ve had one of the most intense workout sessions of your life. It is mostly seam-free, but there are some stitches along the leg holes.

Had we had to sum this one up, we would say, these could be the most comfortable panties you’ll ever wear.

Product features:

  • Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Classic & simple style
  • Best of eco-friendly intimate wear
  • No rolling-up
DAVID ARCHY Bamboo Pouch Briefs

The Bamboo Pouch Briefs by DAVID ARCHY takes the title for “Best Bamboo Underwear for Men in 2020” due to a number of amazing features, and just the overall feel it provides.

Made of only 5% spandex, the rest is natural, breathable, and soft bamboo rayon. It can be confidently stated that this one is softer than cotton undergarments. The Ultra U-pouch design provides extra room down there, resulting in much less constriction of your precious parts. The stretch and fit on these are very difficult to beat. The fold flap gives effortless access. There are two options available – with a fly, and without one. The temperature regulating features helps keep you cooler during those hot, summer days. The only small issue that we would mark is that the color might fade after multiple washes, but that happens with a lot of other high-quality clothes and undergarments as well.

To sum it up, these are worthy of being called the best out there.

Product features:

  • Velvety soft
  • Great stretch and fit
  • Impressive air permeability
  • Silk tag reduces friction against the skin

What to look for when buying

There aren’t many features to look out for when purchasing bamboo underwear that’s different from when you’re buying regular underwear. To find some good undergarments, these boxes need to be checked:

Comfort: You’re going to be wearing your underwear almost throughout the day, so it’s extremely important to pick out underwear that provides optimal comfort. Some are rather harsh on the skin, and you can feel it. Steer clear of those. Most bamboo underwear is naturally soft due to the qualities of the fabric. Go for something breathable and with higher sweat absorbency power.

Color and shape: Wearing undergarments of the wrong size can be uncomfortable. If it’s too short, it will stick to your body too tightly, and also might roll-up. If it’s too big, it will look weird under other tight-fitting clothes. Find the right size for yourself. Sometimes, brands suggest to size up while purchasing. Keep that in mind.

Stitches and seam: The majority of the underwear we included above are seamless, thus reducing irritation. Look into the stitches of the underwear to ensure it won’t hold you in the wrong place, or leave marks due to ill-fitting.

How is bamboo underwear made?

The process requires significantly lesser chemicals than other kinds of fabric, but the bamboo fabric is still made from bamboos. Since bamboos grow really fast and are biodegradable, they can be used comfortably in the garment industry.

Step 1: Harvesting the seasoned stalks

The bamboo stalks are cut into smaller pieces and moved to the second step, where it will be treated with chemicals.

Step 2: Processing & drying

The bamboo is then dunked in a solution through a closed-loop process to make sure that the procedure is as sustainable as it could get. This breaks down the fibers of the bamboo. Afterward, the pulp is extracted and left out to dry.

Step 3: Milling & sewing

Once entirely dried, the sheets are milled into a fluffy, soft material called “bamboo viscose.” It’s separated and carefully spun into thread, which is used in the creation of maximum underwear.

Step 4: Shipping to garments companies

The finished product is then sent to different companies that use them to make soft, natural undergarments.

Step 5: Replantation for sustainability

More bamboo trees are planted to make up for the ones that were cut. Bamboo grows very fast and requires less water. This step is needed to ensure to complete the cycle and maintain sustainability.


Do we plant a tree for every tree we cut down? No. But bamboo is fast-growing, requires no fertilizer, and regenerates by itself from the roots. If we take a little care, we won’t run out of it.

Yes, indeed, it is! Wearing bamboo fiber won’t cause any negative reactions to your skin.

Not really. They cost the same as your average undies. In fact, at similar price ranges, they offer eco-friendliness and more comfort.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise how bamboo underwear is gaining more popularity day-by-day. They’re environment-friendly and provide tons of better features than your regular cotton underwear. Don’t just believe what we say; try it, and you will agree too! 

You might not think you will be making much of a contribution by just going green with your underwear, but every little contribution matters. And like we have mentioned multiple times before, bamboo underwear is just better, as simple as that.


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