Why Bamboo Straws

And The Shocking Reality of Plastic

Some background info...

disgusting plastic in ocean

Bamboo straws are the only compostable and reusable straw on the market right now even though the plant itself has been around since millions of years. Plastic, on the other hand, was invented only 100 years ago which is fairly recent considering the timeline and history of human civilisation.

Yet how come that we become so dependent on plastic? It’s everywhere and it pollutes our oceans to a never before seen scale. Some studied suggest that there are now 15-51 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. That’s an unimaginable number. And not only does this number continue to grow rapidly, it would also require MASSIVE efforts to clean up our current plastic mess.


However, hope is in sight. Bamboo straws have recently gained much attention as an alternative to plastic straws after a shocking video of a turtle with a plastic straw inside its nose went viral.


So what are the benefits of using bamboo straws?

They are 100% biodegradable, which means that they are capable of being decomposed and therefore avoid pollution and won’t end up in our oceans. (Plastic NEVER decomposes)

Reusable. Bamboo straws can be used again and again and don’t need to be thrown away immediately (saving you money  as well!). They can also easily be cleaned or pressure washed just like utensils and cutlery.

Bamboo grows fast and without the need for harmful pesticides /chemicals and protects the environment around it.

They look cool! Who doesn’t want to enjoy their favourite drink with a straw that makes you feel like you’re somewhere tropical, sitting on a beach chair and watching the sun set.

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