Why should you buy bamboo products?

Bamboo, as you may have heard, is one of the fastest-growing and most prolific plants. When placed side-by-side with common plants which attain maturity at around 25-70 years, bamboo can mature in four years. Even though a lot of people are familiar with this plant, most people have not fully understood its many uses. 

They are tropical grasses that have a widespread root network that, on the average, sends out 4-6 shoots annually. As a result, these unusual plants have an uncanny ability to naturally replenish themselves, reaching a height of about 50 feet and beyond. Some species of bamboo can grow to a height of four feet in a single day. This particular species can be harvested in a very short time, say three to four years. It is safe to say that these beautiful plants are one of the most sustainable resources found in nature. This is a result of their incredible regenerative capability.

Bamboo is a renewable and plentiful natural product with many incredible attributes, such as:


The fabric obtained from a bamboo plant can absorb about 3-4 times more water than cotton. In hot weather, this translates to healthier skin, when used as a clothing material. It is also an anti-static, anti-fungal material that will keep your skin warmer, drier, more relaxed, and odor-free.


The fabric obtained from a bamboo plant is so soft that it is more delicate than most cotton materials out there. Also, a bamboo sheen feels like cashmere or silk when touched. 

Hygienic and Protective 

Organic bamboo does not require the use of anti-microbial chemicals as it naturally does not permit the thriving of harmful microbes on it. 


The appearance of bamboo cotton is similar to Egyptian or Pima cotton. Unlike cotton, this material has lower shrinkage, plus it does not pill. It has a feeling similar to a pure cashmere.

Why Is Bamboo Better For The Environment?

UV Protection 

Bamboo clothing material possesses natural UV protection. A lot of conducted by many clothing companies have demonstrated this truth. 

Natural and Chemical-Free 

You can grow bamboo trees without making use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

The benefits and many uses of bamboo keep increasing as people turn to eco-friendly, organic products. Bamboo baby clothing is one area witnessing tremendous growth. Many parents agree to the advantages of organic products on the health of their babies. Because it is eco-friendly and incredibly comfortable to feel, bamboo baby clothes are a perfect fit.

Benefits of Bamboo Products

One of the first attractive attributes of bamboo products is its incredibly beautiful appearance. It has a fascinating grain that is both natural and elegant looking. Even though aesthetics are vital to the quality of any product, the advantages of bamboo take it up from there.

It Weathers Well

Bamboo is more resilient to warping and rots as a result of moisture when placed side-by-side with most woods. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to the devastating influence of UV rays. Hence, it is ideal for products from clothing to flooring.


Bamboo is a very durable natural resource. Their tensile strength is about 28,000 pounds per square inch. This is substantially above the tensile strength of regular steel at 23,000 pounds per square inch.

No Chemicals Needed

You do not have to use fertilizers and chemicals to cultivate bamboo. This is the resultant effect of their highly prolific nature. A stand of bamboo trees does not need the action of pesticides to rid it of some damaging bugs. Hence, it is unlikely for harmful chemicals to sip down into the groundwater and soil when bamboo is being farmed. 

It Provides More Oxygen For The Earth

Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the environment and uses up more carbon dioxide when paralleled to a similarly sized plant. 

It Does Not Need Much Water

Bamboo requires less water to grow. Even though this tree has a natural ability to grow in wetlands, it is also possible for it to grow in places that do not have lots of moisture. Freshwater is very important to the earth, and bamboo is very moderate in its water consumption activity.

It is Biodegradable

During the process of harvesting bamboo, the culms are usually cut at the ground level. Because the root network is still in the ground, it can sprout new bamboo shoots quickly. 

Bamboo drops stems and leaves onto the ground during the process of growing. The accumulation of this natural litter can be effectively used as fertilizer.

When a bamboo product is no longer in use so that it becomes discarded, it can quickly disintegrate into the soil because it is 100% biodegradable.

Negative Impact of Plastic

Plastic Poisons Our Food Chain

The tiniest creatures of ocean creatures, such as plankton, are eating and absorbing the hazardous chemicals from microplastics. Partially degraded plastics are dislodging the algae that are vital in sustaining larger sea life. This can have an adverse effect on marine life, and terrestrial animals, too, would be indirectly affected.

They Accumulate In The Environment.

The US alone disposes of more than 30 million tons of plastic annually. The sad reality is that only about 8% of these plastics get recycled. The rest of the plastics becomes litter, are burned, or get dumped in landfills. Also, it is estimated that more than 250,000 tons of plastics currently floats on the ocean and many water bodies. 

Plastic Attracts Other Pollutants

The chemicals contained in plastic confer them with their flexibility or rigidity (phthalates, bisphenols, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals substances). These chemicals are oily poisons that stick to petroleum-based materials and repel water. So, the chemicals that escape from plastics can amass on some other plastics.  

Plastic Does Not Go Away

Plastic is a material built to last for a very long time, yet 33% of all plastic – straws, bags, and water bottles – are discarded after they are used for juts once. Also, plastics do not possess a biodegradation ability.

Final Thoughts

Generally, people tend to be interested in buying bamboo products because they want to live more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. If this is your driving force too, then bamboo products are effective ways to go by.